Who’s My Latest Obsession??

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I just realized that I only listen to the radio when I’m in the car. All the other times I’m streaming music! I can honestly say that all of my current music obsessions I found through Spotify and YouTube! I think that streaming has definitely opened the door for so many artists.

And my latest find has definitely not disappointed. Who would that be? Well the extremely talented and gifted Josh Phillips. He’s relatively new to Nashville and has a sound that is a little different (in a good way) then most of the music being played. Josh has a way if translating every emotion a human being can possibly feel in every single song he sings. It’s the perfect combination of Country and Rock. I love it because not a whole lot of artists are doing that. I first found Josh on IG and listened to a clip of him covering Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes, wow is all I could say. I then searched YouTube, Facebook and Spotify and have now literally listened to every single thing he’s sang. (Not a stocker I promise!!!!!!) But the one song that really hit me was his cover of “Tin Man”, I may or may not have teared up just a little. The truth in his voice is there and you definitely feel it every time he sings. His voice reminds me of Johnny Cash to be just completely honest!

Plus he’s also very handsome, seriously way better then any guy on The Bachelorette!

Be sure to check out Josh on Spotify and give him a follow.

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My Top 5 Raising Stars Of Nashville~

All of the music that I blog about I listen to all of the time! I hate when people give their opinions and later you find out that they don’t actually listen to the music! I mean to be totally honest if I’m not listening to country music I’m probably not listening to music!!😂

Check out these 5 Raising Stars~

Faren Rachels

Josh Phillips

Lindsey Ell

Muscadine Bloodline

Mitchell Tenpenny

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Well it happened, guys I’ve just found the best song ever released. I’m definitely dealing with a major case of replay!! 

I can literally count on one had the songs that I don’t and won’t ever get sick of listening to and well “City Girl” by Ryan Hurd is my latest obsession. It’s so good that I’m almost speechless. And I’m like super ticked off that I just found out about Ryan in December. I mean why are the radio stations not playing him?

I do want to thank Jake Owen for the exposure!

People go listen to this song like RIGHT NOW!! 

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New Music 2017 Addition-

2017 so far has been crazy busy which is good! I haven’t done any music posts because I’ve been doing some research! Luckily I have found some awesome new bands and artists! I’m thinking I’ll be doing some more reviews soon; plus some more Artist Spotlights!! So stay tuned!!

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∆Artist Spotlight∆ With Sugar Ponies❣❣

📷: Sugar Ponies

Do you ever come across a new artist or band and something about them just turns you into an instant fan??

For me that doesn’t happen often (I’m just a tad picky on my music!), But when it does it’s awesome!! I was on Twitter and this new duo had just followed me first their name got me hooked; I mean if a Twitter account follows you and it’s name is @SugarPonies you check it out and boy am I glad I did!!

The Sugar Ponies are an awesome up and coming Country/Pop/Rock band from the most unlikely place to find a Country/Pop/Rock band; San Francisco!! Yes, San Fran has other things besides sourdough bread bowls and awesome hippie’s!! And no one I know that lives in California actually calls it San Fran, odd but that’s a whole other story!

So once I fell in love with their name I just had to feature them in this week’s ∆Artist Spotlight∆!

Be sure to check them out you’ll regret it if you don’t!!


Q1. Okay so I’m in love with your name, how’d y’all come up with it?

“Thank you!

Well, we were going to be the Pony Tail Girls, because Suzanne and another member of the band had pony tails, but then she left, so then we were going to be the Pony Girls, but that turned out to be a group of ladies very much unlike us (plus they owned all the good URLs), my friend suggested the Sugar Ponies and it sounded perfect!”

Q2. Being from Cali I know how country music has a strong but small fan base, how did you decide on country?

The moment that Suzanne heard Randy Travis’s “1982”, she became a country music singer. That’s all it took. She’s probably covered 200 country songs, live. She absolutely LOVES country music!!! Also the first music that Michael started playing on guitar was Bluegrass!”

Q3. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Patty Loveless, Alison Kraus, Lucinda Williams, Paul Simon, and then some you might not expect like XTC, Ella Fitzgerald, and The Who.”

Q4. How would you best describe your music?

“altPOPcountryFolkROCK That’s our tag line. But in English 🙂 … I’d say we write about love and relationships… emotions and challenges. Our songs are catchy and melodic… good driving and singing along songs!”

Q5. How do you get into the writing mood?

We often pour a glass of pinot, put on some Barry White… oh wait, that’s not right. Honestly the muse tends to visit when we’re not trying too hard to write. But once we start, we approach it as a task that needs serious focus and completion.”

Q6. What’s been your favorite show you’ve done so far?

That was probably our first show at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC in February 2016. The room was packed with friends, family and fans. It’s so great to play to a room filled with love! Suzanne’s mom and dad were at that show, which made it the best ever!”

Q7. Besides country what other music do you like to sing?

I love to sing jazz standards and pop music from the ‘70s!”

Q8. When did you know you wanted to make music?

Suzanne: Since I can remember! I’ve been singing my whole life.

Michael started when he was a freshman in college.”

Q9. Life gets crazy especially in the music industry, what is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

Relaxing! We love having free time when we can put the phone down, stop thinking about  ToDo’s, spend time with family and friends. Michael likes BBQing and jamming with friends. Suz likes watching british detective dramas.”

Q10. We all have bad first jobs. What were your first jobs and were they awful?

Suzanne: When I was 16 or so I worked at a one-off fast food restaurant called Aprils. It was awful. I always left work smelling like a french fry. I think I lasted one month there!

Michael: My first job after college was working as a video editor at a cable station. My first project was taking 50 hours of home made video taken by the owners of a large feedlot and editing it into training videos for butchers over a Thanksgiving day weekend.  I didn’t eat meat for many months after that.”

Q11. What was the best advice you’ve ever gotten about your music?

Start with your story, write it down, get it right, then turn it into lyrics. The story is the most important part. That’s what touches people. Keep it personal!”

Q12. How many instruments do you play and what are they?

Suzanne: My voice, guitar, flute, and some percussion.

Michael: guitars, bass, mandolin, and a little bit of keyboards. And I love to play drums. I’m terrible, but I love playing them.”

Q13. Favorite place to eat in San Francisco?

So many to choose from! Oh I know… there’s this awesome italian place up on Nob Hill called Venticello. It’s very cozy, european, and has awesome pasta!”

Q14. Besides music what else could you see yourselves doing for a living?

I’m really into decorative cabinet knobs and was thinking of starting a blog called “Hobnobbing with the Knob Snob Blog” Michael used to do visual effect and would probably go back to doing  that.”

Q15. Favorite venue to play?

Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco, or if given the opportunity, Madison Square Garden in NYC.”

Q16. Favorite movie?

“Tootsie, Some Like It Hot, Murder on the Orient Express, My Fair Lady, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Annie Hall, Touch of Evil.”

Q17. If you could duet with anyone (living or passed) who would it be?

Suzanne: Abraham Lincoln.”

Q18. What else does 2016 have in store for y’all?

We just started working with New Artist Development at Gramophone Media. The have a lot of exciting opportunities in store for us, including a super cool event happening in November in NYC. We’re going to be part of the WFUV series On Your Radar at the Rockwood Music Hall stage 3 on November 15th!

We’ll be announcing more stuff via social media as it unfolds.”

Be sure to check out their website and social media:

FacebookTwitter,  InstagramYouTube and SugarPonies.com!

All the places you can buy or stream our music:









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You can also check out other interviews that they’ve done:

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INTERVIEW: Sugar Ponies –

∆Artist Spotlight∆ With Allie Brooks


Singers come and go literally all the time and it’s very rare to find one with an amazing voice and that “It Factor”! Well y’all, the lovely miss Allie Brooks is it!!

I am super picky about music and there’s only a handful of female artists that I can listen to on repeat. Allie Brooks is now on that list.
One of the things I love about Allie’s vocals is that she makes it seem effortless.
It’s a lot like when you see Olympic athletes compete and for a few days you’re convinced you to could win Gold, because they make it look easy!!
Then you hit the slopes and you realize that your never going to win gold, ever!!
That’s how Allie makes singing look and sound!! In all of her videos she’s just sitting in her house playing guitar, sounding AMAZING! But unfortunately for me, I am not so talented. I’m so bad I am never going to attempt it, unless I’ve had a huge amount of alcohol and since I don’t drink, it’s never going to happen, (your welcome!!).

So after I about had a heart attack after hearing Allie busting out in her living room, I couldn’t wait to feature her in my ∆Artist Spotlight∆ and fortunately for me, she said yes!!!
(I did the happy dance when she did!!)

Q1. Music is such a crazy industry, what made you make that leap into it?
Why would I not want to leap into it?  I cannot imagine a better way to spend this life than to play music.  I do not know what future this industry holds for me, and the reality is it might not have a place for me.  With that said, I am very excited to find out where God intended me to use my gift.   

Q2. With so many amazing genres, where would you put your music?
Because of my odd combination of influences I have a very odd voice, I get a lot of complements on the “Irish Folk” element of my voice— I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome.  Alongside that I also get told I have a “haunting voice” — again I am not sure if they meant that as a complement but I think it’s slightly fitting for my voice — My songs are stories and because I lack a band I always perform just me and my guitar so my music feels like that simple singer/songwriter genre. . . so basically I am clueless.  

Q3. Who is one of your biggest musical influences?
Vocally I studied Allison Krauss, Kelly Clarkson, Dixie Chicks, Cher, and Christina Aguilera when I was younger.  As I got older most of my influences became male.  Before I knew it, I wanted to be Randy Travis or Keith Whitley— a difficult task as you can imagine. 
Instrumentally, Need To Breathe is how I hear my music in my head when I image what my songs would sound like full produced.  

Q4. Where do you pull inspiration from when writing your music?
Personal events in my life.  Drew Ramsey, my songwriting professor at Belmont, said that it is our job as writers to capture emotions.  We all count on songwriters to put what we are feeling into words, into expression, when we lack the ability to do so.  I have recently realized that I try to capture people in my songs, typically people who have left, so that I can keep them close to me.  I write to preserve memories, both good and bad, as a way to always remember the events that shaped me to be who I am. 

Q5. If you could duet with anyone (living or not), who would it be and why?
Michael Jackson or Allison Krauss.  I probably wouldn’t be able to sing though, I would probably just ugly girl cry and fall into their voices like melted butter. 

Q6. Do play any instruments, if so how many and which is your favorite?
I play guitar.  I have three, their names are Charlotte, Jasper, and Aspen.  They’re very good friends of mine. 

Q7. What’s your favorite part of performing?
As a young lady I always want to feel beautiful.  This may not make sense to anyone, but when I sing I feel so beautiful. I am completely incapable of fully showing my emotions, because of this I come off very hard to people.  When I am singing I am able to be me.  You will learn more about me in one song than you will will in an hour long conversation with me. 

Q8. What was the best advice you’ve been given about your music?
My father once told as songwriters we are not writing our stories, we are writing their stories.  Because of this I have been able to write my own personal stories in a way that could relate to anyone.

Q9. What do you do when you have writers block?
I listen.  I listen to conversations around me. I look at book titles.  I talk to God and ask him to put something on my heart so that I could write something someone needs to hear.  Most importantly, I don’t force anything.  

Q10. What would you tell someone who’s thinking about getting into music?
There will always be someone who thinks you can’t sing, your songs suck, or that you won’t be successful because this is a man’s industry (specifically to girls).  Always be polite, “thank you for your time” and move on.  If you truly were made to be in music then when the time is right all those people who told you now will see what they passed on.  Also, never get caught up in what “you deserve”.  This industry is about connections and relationships and no one wants to write music with someone who doesn’t split the cowrite 50/50.  If you truly deserve something you will obtain it at the right time.

Q11. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Betty White — that’s that

Q12. If someone made a story about your life, who would you want to play you?
Miley Cyrus (Bae) 

Q13. What is one song that best describes 2015?
Turn Down for What- DJ Snake and Lil John 

Q14. Since it seems like everyone is DVRing something, what show are you currently obsessed with?
  I do not have a TV, but I watch Netflix.  I love nature. LOVE it.  So I watch all the Nature films and totally geek over them

Q15. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one food item, one CD and your celebrity crush what/who would you take?
  I would take Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and we would listen to Miley Cyrus Bangerz album and eat Spaghetti. 

Q16. What are your plans for 2016?
  Learn.  Learn everything I can about everything.  I am not in a place right now were I am the best I can be.  My voice gets stronger every day and I cannot wait to see the artist I will be in 4 or 5 years.  I am currently finishing my 2nd year at Belmont University and I want to spend my years here learning and further finding myself as an artist.

And if you’re going to be in Nashville on
March 16th you can see live Allie at 3rd and Lindsley!! Get all the info here!!

Check out Allie’s music:


∆Artist Spotlight with Cole Washburn ∆


I have to admit this time last year I had never heard of the “Americana” genre in music!! So I started doing some research and well I found out that I LOVE IT!!! If you’re asking what it, is well the only way I can describe it is Country, Bluegrass, Rock and Blues all had baby!!! Or you can listen to the Mr. Cole Washburn, why? Well because he knows a whole lot about Americana!! One because that’s what he sings and two he holds the IMEA Award for best Americana Song if 2015!!

So here is my interview with Cole Washburn!!

Q1. Your genre is Americana how is that different then Country? 
I would say that the genre of Americana encompasses a larger cross section of American music that includes everything from Country and Bluegrass to Rock and Blues.  It’s basically anything that is cooler than mainstream music…lol

Q2. What was you most exciting moment of 2015?
Winning the IMEA Award for Americana Song of the Year was definitely the highlight of 2015!

Q3. What is your favorite part of preforming?
When all of the elements of live performing come together it can be a magical experience.  Sometimes this includes the room, the crowd, the musicians, the town.  And its that convergence that can make an ordinary night turn into a night you never forget.

Q4. If you could do a duet with anyone (living or not) who would it be and why?
Alison Krauss hands down.  She has the voice of an angel and her dynamics are breathtaking.  

Q5. What is your go to song right now?
I’ve been singing Tulsa Time by Don Williams in my head now for about three days.

Q6. Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to music?
Alison Krauss, Civil Wars, CCR, Doobie Brothers, so so many more….

Q7. What was the last concert you attended and was it as good as you had hoped?
I saw Alyssa Bonagura at Third and Lindsley in Nashville.  She never ceases to blow me away.

Q8. When you’re out with a group of friends are you driving or do you need to be carried home?
Honestly not a big drinker, but I’ve been carried a few times.

Q9. If you could be a superhero who would you be?
Definitely Iron Man cause he’s really just a regular guy.  But I’m also a huge Luke Skywalker fan, the force and stuff.

Q10. If someone made a movie about your life who would you pick to play you?
Johnny Depp

Q11. Do you have any phobias? If so what are they?
I honestly don’t. But I am not big on heights.  I’m fine inside but outside on a cliff or something can be a little dicey…

Q12. What is your ideal day off?
White Water Rafting 

Q13. Where is one insane place you would (if you could), hold a concert at?
I’ve always wanted to play Red Rocks near Denver!

Q14. Why did you start making music?
Two reasons. Girls liked it and it was a kind of meditation for me. An escape.

Q15. What are your plans for 2016?
To have a number one Americana single and meet as many fans as I can.  We also have some cool concert tours in the works. More details coming in February!  

Catch up with Cole:


∆Artist Spotlight with Joey James Band∆

I absolutely love discovering new talent in music, its one of the main reasons that I started to write!!

So when I found the Joey James Band I was super excited to interview him! He’s definitely one to watch for!! I don’t know who you could find that fits into Country Music than Joey, from his sound to his pride!! He’s the real deal!!

This week I got to interview Joey and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

PS I love his answer to question 10!!!

Q1. What made you want to get into music?
At a young age I started writing poetry and right away felt like I had a knack to bringing emotions onto a piece of paper. In my teen years I started to write my first lyrics and I watched as people reacted to my words. It amazed me that my words could move human emotions. During my time in the military I grew into my own and met others from different parts of the country. This made me grow as a writer. My love and passion to sing and perform grew with every lyric I wrote. So what got me into music is really the fact that I have so much to say and contribute to the world.

Q2. Who are your biggest musical influences?
I am a huge fan of Garth Brooks, I have always liked the way he interacted with his fans and he has performed his shows the right way, he brought in great songwriters and gave country music the spark it needed that I truly believe makes me the artist I want to be. I have a great understanding that my fans are who make me and I am blessed.

Q3. What is one song out today that you wish you had wrote?
The Dance is one of those songs that will outlive every generation and so really that is the one song I wish I could have been a part of. Other then, that I am very passionate about the words that I put down on paper and cannot wait for a bigger opportunity to share my words.

Q4. How do you get inspiration for new music?
It sounds so collage but honestly I get a lot of inspiration by everyday living. My lyrics are true and I love speaking to folks and getting several ideas from them. I mean some of my songs start off with a quote someone says!

Q5. What is the worst advice someone gave you about music?
The worst advice anyone has given me is how easy it could be to make it in the industry because of my songwriting. It’s a tough business to crack. Making it also has derived a different meaning for me then when I first started this journey. I now look at using my music to help others and if the Lord blesses me enough to make the national stage then I will feel I have made it.

Q6. How long have you been making music?
Professionally I have been on stage for a little over 7 years and I Iove every minute of it. The stage brings me so much joy!

Q7. What is one thing that you can’t live without?
My daughter, my girlfriend of 4 years, my two dogs, good friends, and God, not always in that order lol!

Q8. What is your ideal vacation?
I grew up in the sticks , in a tiny little town in Oregon. My vacation is a cabin in the woods, fishing, exploring and enjoying my loved ones company!

Q9. If you could have any super power what would it be?
I love this question! I would really like to read a persons mind, to feel a persons thoughts would definitely give me an understanding of what that person has gone through.

Q10. If someone made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
Hmmm, who can grow a bad ass beard in Hollywood? I guess Russel Crow could do me the honors, I don’t think I have ever seen a bad movie of his. No Australian accent though, could he pull off my little drawl?

Q11. When you’re out with friends what are you normally drinking?
Well it has been a curse on me since my metabolism decided to slow down a couple years back. I love beer, almost any kind of beer. I am also a fan of Whiskey, my Grandpa’s favorite drink was Black Velvet and Sprite, so these days that’s kind of my go to drink!

Q12. What are your plans for 2016?
We are looking to record this killer EP, I am hopeful that I can have it released in the summer time! We are also looking to make some moves into the national spotlight after an investor comes through for us. Maybe even trying to get Saving Soldiers Tour off the ground, my brain child to help our veterans in need. Growing my fan support is also a continuous goal.

Thank you for your support and for helping artists like me get exposure.


Follow Joey:
Twitter: @joeyjamesband
The Joey James Band Fan Page
Joey James


∆ Artist Spotlight With Chloé Caroline∆

California has and will always be home!! There’s something about Cali that sticks to you like crazy glue. We are known for our awesome weather, Hollywood, The Golden Gate Bridge and The Walk Of Fame!! But what many people don’t know is that we have a huge country music scene!! Ever heard of Stagecoach and Buck Owens yeah that’s us!
There are so many new country artists coming from Cali that it’s hard to keep up!! One of those very talented artists is Chloé Caroline!! She’s a So Cal girl that’s been been rocking the boots since before Florida Georgia Line was making cruising cool!!

I got to know Chloé a little better and let me say that this girl is going places!!

So here is this week’s Artist Spotlight With Chloé Caroline!!

Q1. Not a lot of people know that country music is huge in California, how does it feel to represent Cali in Nashville?
Awesome of course! It’s actually pretty funny because in high school everybody would call me the “California country girl” and I would rock cowboy boots frequently. The majority of my friends from California are huge country fans and love going to Stagecoach so I expected to find that when I came to Nashville for school and music. However, I found that there are far more kids my age coming here for more than just country which is kind of cool as there are more people to learn from stylistically especially in a cowrite. OH and cowboy boots find their way mostly on Broadway now, rarely around my school like I thought I’d see them!

Q2. What made you want to sing Country Music?
Well for starters, my first two concerts I ever saw were Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain and at age 6 I fell in love with the stories behind the songs. I got to see a proposal at the Shania Twain concert during her song “Still The One” and I was hooked. I also used to parade around the house to Dolly Parton’s “I’ll Be Home With Bells On” because I loved the simple melody. Country music is very story-based and honest and I love the vulnerability behind it. I never really intended to sing a certain style, nor do I categorize myself to this day necessarily, but everybody always has said there’s something country in my voice, little do we know where it came from! I’m a born and raised Southern California beach girl!

Q3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Goodness this might be the hardest question haha Well, I was extremely lucky to grow up with a father in the entertainment/music industry. He grew up singing/writing and playing in bands and now works on the business side and I had no choice but to listen to absolutely every genre. I love oldies, 60’s and 70’s everything because the writing is just perfection. Bon Jovi, Carol King, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Cat Stevens… I could go on. So I think I definitely have an old soul in me that I mix with newer influences. I’m obsessed with Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat, Gabrielle Aplin, Liz Longley, Michelle Branch and the Dixie Chicks, all of which I sang backwards and forwards and probably grew from. I think my personal sound is definitely something I call California country. It’s different and has a bit of pop with some L.A./beach flare and production.

Q4. What is your favorite part of preforming?
My favorite part of performing is probably getting to watch the audience the moment they hear a song they relate too. It’s like they think I’ve read their diary and it’s crazy awesome because I never want anyone to feel like they are alone in whatever they have/are going through because odds are, I’ve been there too!

Q5. Who are some of your biggest supporter’s?
My parents of course, biggest fans haha but honestly, I found a huge fan base with a social media app called Pic Collage. A huge population of people that use the app are girls as young as 8 reaching to 17 and its almost like a safer version of Instagram. I’ve been able to share videos, pictures, updates, etc. and even create contests with them that they can enter. I reached 56K followers this month which is nuts and they are the BEST. I love giving them advice, chatting with them one on one and really just being their big sis and it’s made a huge impact on my life. They inspire me every day with the letters they send me and collages they make for me. The best story I have about it is when I performed a small fundraiser show in my hometown and only briefly mentioned it on Pic Collage and at least 4 girls and their moms drove 2 hours to come see me when I was least expecting them. I got off the stage and was asked to take a picture and for a moment thought they thought I was someone else! Haha it was surreal to have that kind of support.

Q6. What would tell someone that is trying to break into Country Music? Well to break into music in general, I think the first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out who you are as an artist because only you can do that. Write down your goals as well, even start out with little ones. For example, I had never co-written until I came to Nashville besides with my dad, I only had written by myself because no one I knew back home wrote. So I decided when I got to Nashville I would start cold asking people to write with me. I even ended up writing with a super talented friend of mine that I met while he was driving me and my younger sister in an Uber in Nashville! Nashville is a town all about connects so if you’re doing country especially, you have to immerse yourself in the business even if that means learning the behind the scenes business stuff first so you know what you’re talking about before you sit in that first meeting. You want to be knowledgeable about every side of the industry so you don’t run into problems later.

Q7. What is one song on the radio that you wish you had wrote?
This is another impossible question because there are too many I love, so I’m just going to answer it based on what is on the radio currently at this moment in time. I’d say right now “Burning House” by CAM mainly because I’m listening to her new album on repeat, especially the song “Village”, which is the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while.

Q8. What is one fashion accessory you can’t live without?
Do I have to pick one? Because truthfully I just love clothes so much its unreal. But as far as accessories I would say rings, I usually wear a ton at a time but I always wear the one my mom gave me when I graduated high school that says “Nothing is Impossible”. It speaks for itself haha Oh and lip color, even if I’m not wearing makeup I have to have some sort of tint/lip color or I don’t feel myself!

Q9. If you could be any Disney Princess who would it be?
Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty for sure. She’s a stunner and I’ve always thought she was the best since I was tiny and her long blonde hair is strikingly similar to mine haha.

Q10. What is one movie that you can watch over and over?
A Walk To Remember. I know the sound track by heart.

Q11. Who are currently crushing on in Country Music?
Brett Eldridge. I have no words. I have a girl crush on Maren Morris though because her EP is just genius and she’s so cool.

Q12. What song best described 2015 for you?
This is so unfair! There are way too many favorites. I’m pulling open my iTunes and Spotify as we speak. I’d say “Force of Nature” by Bea Miller. I fell in love with my best friend this past year and he’s completely been a force of nature in my life ever since. I mean, how many people can say they get to make music with their boyfriend’s on the reg. He produced my last single “A Kiss Don’t Lie” and it was so much fun.

You can get Chloé’s EP ‘One Left Standing’ on iTunes!!

Get Chloé’s single ‘A Kiss Don’t Lie’ on iTunes!!

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