What’s New With The Typzee Gypzee?

Oh hey welcome to my blog!! I haven’t posted in a bit so feel free to roam around and read some older posts!

You’re probably wondering who is The Typzee Gypzee well it’s me Holland or Holliebeth! I started this blog a few years ago because honestly I couldn’t find any info on Chris Young’s album “I’m Comin’ Over”. I also couldn’t find anything on smaller artists that I had a mild obsession with. So I started blogging about that for almost three years; but then because my mind is full of about a thousand different things I started to think about going more of the lifestyle route. I had been around the social meets and I decided that yes I love country music but it’s not my one and only love!

So while I’m getting my type on feel free to come and jump on my IG, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with my daily happenings until I get back to blogging!!

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Xoxo, Holland 💋


“Simple”- Florida Georgia Line

There are only a few things that come along in life that make you stop and say to yourself, “Life’s pretty dang good”; well one of those things would be winning the lottery and the other is when FGL releases not one but TWO, brand spanking new songs on a flipping Friday!

I personally think that the guys from FGL need an award or maybe a street named after them, I mean something.

“Simple” is one of the two and I have to say I really do love this song. I literally can’t turn it off. It’s such a different sound then what we normally hear from the guys and guess what it works. Something about it makes you want to sit in a rocking chair on a front porch in South Georgia with some lemonade 🍋.

“Simple” is literally just that.

💋, Holland

Hump Day Dizzy~

It’s Wednesday and I am so dizzy I can barely move my eyes but that won’t stop me from listening to my favorite music app, Spotify!

I literally am in love with this app. I was all about Pandora but not anymore. All of her customizing is my favorite part.

I’ve put together some playlists that I hope y’all like! Just follow the link below and turn it up!

💋, Holland

“For Love Or Likes” Yay or nay??

📸:Matt Busbice Facebook

If you keep up on the happenings around the hunting world then you’ve probably seen and heard about the new show premiering in April, “For Love Or Likes”. It’s the latest instalment of a movement trying to showcase and promote hunting among women.

The setting takes place in Louisiana on the massive hunting ranch owned by the Busbice family known for staring on “Country Buck$” and “Wildgame Nation”. You may have also heard of their company Wildgame Innovations, which makes top of the line trail cameras and deer feeds just to name a few.

“For Love Or Likes” is hosted and produced by Matt Busbice and his newly acquired production company. And will be premiering April 5th on the Outdoor channel.

This past week the shows promotional videos aired and and the internet went crazy! The first video makes it seem as if this is a dating show very close to “The Bachelor”, that is going to help Matt find his future wife. How did the public respond, let’s just say some of the haters weren’t happy about it; but then again they’re never happy! Isn’t it funny how people complaining and being completely hatful can actually work in your favor! Because pretty soon everyone seemed to talking about the show; good and bad! But the hate seemed to take a break when the real preview came out the following day.

“For Love Or Likes” isn’t another dating show (I kinda wish that it was), but instead it’s a new hunting competition featuring a group of huntress’s from around the country that have a massive social media following based on their hunting pics. These ladies will be showing off their skills in the outdoors, proving that they aren’t just into for the love and likes. All while showcasing that hunting isn’t just for the guys!

With the hunting world being mostly made up of men it’s nice to see some ladies out there killing it, literally and figuratively!

And to all the haters saying it’s fake and so are the girls. Why can’t you wear makeup while hunting or fishing? I mean some of us girls were raised to put some effort into ourselves and that’s just what we do! So next time you start to judge a girl based on how she looks while hunting or fishing just remember, she has probably killed more things then you can imagine! Plus the prettiest are usually the most lethal!

So be sure to tune in April 5th only on the Outdoor Channel!

💋, Holland