What’s New With The Typzee Gypzee?

Oh hey welcome to my blog!! I haven’t posted in a bit so feel free to roam around and read some older posts!

You’re probably wondering who is The Typzee Gypzee well it’s me Holland or Holliebeth! I started this blog a few years ago because honestly I couldn’t find any info on Chris Young’s album “I’m Comin’ Over”. I also couldn’t find anything on smaller artists that I had a mild obsession with. So I started blogging about that for almost three years; but then because my mind is full of about a thousand different things I started to think about going more of the lifestyle route. I had been around the social meets and I decided that yes I love country music but it’s not my one and only love!

So while I’m getting my type on feel free to come and jump on my IG, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with my daily happenings until I get back to blogging!!

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Xoxo, Holland 💋


Let’s Get Cray Cray~

For the last few weeks I’ve been pretty sick and just didn’t feel like blogging. So of course I started to think about the blog and honestly I feel like something is missing. I’ve been going over it and over it and over it again until it hit me, just write about life. I’m not a professional journalist I just really love to write and listen to music. I mean why not. I’m not trying to make money, I just want to write about my insanely busy, whole lotta crazy thing I like to call life.

I want to make people laugh because the Lord knows that we all need a good laugh. So jump on this crazy train and let’s get cray!!!!

Oh and don’t worry I’ll still be doing music reviews and all that fun stuff I’m just adding my craziness to the mix!!

💋, Holland


Life takes some major twists and turns. We get so caught up in all of its craziness. It can be super easy to get distracted, I mean I do all the time! It can feel like we’re on a treadmill and we’re not getting off anytime soon. But then we sometimes stop and reflect on things. Especially when it’s your birthday, you really think about your life.

So last night when I should have been sleeping, I was on YouTube getting caught up on the new country music videos, when I started to think about a local mission trip I did back when I was in eighth grade.

It was 2007 and during spring break my youth group held a local mission trip for the kids that didn’t go to Thailand with the rest of the Church. I desperately wanted to go to Thailand because I thought that the Thai people needed to hear about Christ and how awesome it is to be a Christian. I thought at the time that overseas missions were way more beneficial, not only to the those receiving the gospel but also for those giving it. Overseas missions always seems to be glorified. Don’t get me wrong it’s extremely important, but local “backyard” missions are just as important. For an eighth grader hearing the stories from the previous teams that had gone over, I had a spark inside and I thought that I needed to go. I thought that God could use me to show his light that those people needed. I knew of all the dangerous conditions a foreign country had in-store for a young American teenager. I didn’t care because “God would protect me”, at least that’s what I told myself. I was friends with the oldest daughter of the missionary family that lived in Thailand part of the year and also in the US, so I figured that she’s been fine I would be also. But my parents weren’t as convinced. My dad was in the Airforce and had been to Thailand several years prior and he wasn’t going to let his eighth grade daughter go. My mom also had her own opinions on the matter. My mom never let anyone but select family members ever babysit me or my siblings, so she definitely wasn’t going to let me go to Thailand by myself! When they said no I thought my life was over. There I was thinking that I was going to convert hundreds of people and I thought my parents were being overprotective. My parents were okay with me doing the local mission trip.

So I paid the fifty dollars, packed my bags and headed to the youth room of our church. I was still grumpy about not going to Thailand and I didn’t really want to sleep in the youth room with the other kids; most of which I didn’t know and I later found out that they were only there because they needed extra credit to move on to highschool. I was thinking all about how lame the week was going to be until they started explaining what it was that we were going to do. We were going to be holding a Vacation Bible School in one of the most gang riddled neighborhoods in our county. I had always heard about the area but I had never been there because to be completely honest it was way to dangerous.

The next day we got up, prayed, did our morning Bible study and then we loaded up into a 15 passenger van and we were off. I was starting to feel a little bit better, plus the kids weren’t as bad as I had thought. We were going to be holding VBS at an elementary school in the neighborhood, that way the kids and their families were comfortable with the location.

We got there at around 8am to set up and we already had kids showing up. I was kinda surprised that the kids were so into what we were doing. They seemed to be longing for whatever we had to offer. VBS started with music and the kids were so excited to be there it was crazy. If you’ve ever seen a video from mission trips and the kids are dancing and singing, it’s not just happening overseas, it happened right at that elementary school. I guess I had always thought that because in the US we have so much access to God and church that you just know about him and all of his love. But that week showed me that people right here in our own communities are just as lost as those in a different country.

I was a small group leader of six little girls. In that neighborhood it has a very high minority population and all of the little girls in my group were Hmong. They even spoke Hmong and English, it was awesome. They were hilarious. They were always making me laugh. I believe they were six to eight years old. We had so much fun. For them all to be so little they picked up on every single Bible story. They didn’t want to really do anything but talk about the Bible stories and make the crafts that went with them.

When the Bible talks about having “Child like faith” those little girls showed me exactly what that means. They never put their own spin on it, they took it all in and treated like it was gold! As an adult that was raised in church I can tell you first hand that the Bible is so overly analyzed we start to lose the simplicity of it. If you just look at the Bible as God intended it, you will be amazed at how easy it is to understand. When Jesus was talking in the synagogue there is a reason he was twelve and the people he was talking to were all adults.
At the end of that week all of those little girls in my small group accepted Christ as their personal savior. I couldn’t have been happier. And I was so grateful that my parents didn’t let me go to Thailand.
We must really let God be our guide and we must really listen because sometimes what we think is great isn’t always his plan. When I look back and think about those little girls in my group I can’t even believe how much they changed my whole outlook on life and how it changed my entire relationship with Christ. I can honestly say that God used those six little girls to show me just how important life is and just how lost those are in our own neighborhoods!

Xoxo, Holland

Earbud Tragedy…

When it comes to music the most important thing is the magic of the earbud. It’s so small and delicate that it must be handled with the utmost respect and love. But those little things are also quite possibly the most difficult thing that has ever been invented; you don’t believe me try and untangle them in the dark!!

Earbuds are just as vidal as some major organs like the liver or the kidneys! For me I honestly can’t function properly in my daily routine without them. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the simple fact that I have to face the real world head on without my own personal sound track! Whatever the reason I need earbuds to live peacefully in this crazy world. So one might come to realize that when my earbuds break it’s a very trying time for my sanity.

But the other day something happened that could only happen to me. It was Saturday morning and my parents, siblings and myself needed to clean out the garage. Because we are getting ready to move from California to Tennessee, (I’ll explain that in another post). No biggie, it was Saturday morning I had my morning coffee, and my makeup was on point. I put in my earbuds, turned on some Easton Corbin (mildly obsessed) and I was ready to get my clean on. Now you must know when I listen to music it’s as high as I can get it and I dance like a drunk girl on night three of CMA Fest and Luke Bryan just sang “Shake It For Me”. So anyway I needed to warm up my jeans and fluff them a bit in the dryer because who has time to iron. Okay I’ve done it like a million times, little did I know this time would be very different from those pervious jean fluffs!

Three Easton songs later and I’m now jamming out to “Lovin’ You Is Fun”, as if he wrote it to me. I go to the dryer open the door, grab my jeans and BAM, I got shocked. The jolt went through my MP3 player, (yes I still have mine from highschool), up the cable and right into my earbuds! IT SHOCKED THE INSIDE OF MY EAR!!! I might have screamed and it kinda freaked my mom out who was on the other side of the house. Who gets shocked through earbuds?? I didn’t even think that was a thing!! I may have reacted like the guy in the Bible that had his ear cut off, but seriously it was painful and it freaked me out. My ear is still hurting and it’s been a week!! Then after all of that my earbuds stopped working completely! Let’s just think about this a moment; I either have the worst luck in the world and somehow these things always happen to me or Easton Corbin is so great it’s “shocking”. I truly think it’s a combination of both but what do I know, I’m just a girl with a sore ear and broken earbuds!

Until next time!!

Xoxo, Holland

#FBF Featuring Chris Young…

It’s almost Christmas y’all and I am so excited.🎄Christmas marks the end of a year and what a year it has been. First my family is moving across the country. Yup we’re heading east, goodbye Cali! Its been a long time coming, but we’re getting ready. So if you happen to see an over loaded UHall and a minivan with way to many kids in it say hi; we’re going to need witnesses because my mom is probably going to be on the verge of leaving us in the Arizona dessert.

But one of the best parts about 2017 was Chris Young being inducted into the Opry. I was so excited to hear the news! So I thought why not look back at where it all started for him. Yes you may recall the show Nashville Star. I do and I remember voting for him. 

Lets give him a huge round of applause for not only winning Nashville Star but also now becoming the newest member of The Grand Ole Opry!!

I mean without Chris I wouldn’t have ever started this site!! So in the words of Brad Paisley “Welcome To The Zoo!”



Xoxo, Holland

2017 Has Been CRAZY…

Y’all 2017 is almost over and it’s been crazy! Trump is still president, which has ticked off a ton of people, way too funny. We’ve endured some major heartbreak with Hurricanes, Mass shootings by cowards, terrorist attacks and much more.
In many ways this year has taught us that we need to love on our family and friends a lot more and that we need to run after our dreams!!

What is one way we can get through it all? Well, in my opinion that’s with music. And for me that’s specifically country music. I have to be honest I almost gave up on my dream of what I want The Typzee Gypzee to be. I have so many plans and dreams. But that stupid thought that comes in and tells you to forget about it, came in and set up a freaking camp site. I was almost done with it all. But then the heartbreaking attack that in Las Vegas happened and it hit me hard. We only get one life and we can waste it. So in memory of those that lost their lives while having a good time, I’m going to make something out of The Typzee Gypzee! I’m not going to let the unknown hold me back. And I’m going to start by blogging the crap out of this thing. Making life a little better with some super funny stories and all that kind of stuff!!!

What are you waiting for go follow your dreams, I mean what do you have to lose???

And speaking of someone that didn’t give up on their dreams, Mr. Chase Rice has a new album out after a long three years! Enjoy his new song One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song’ it’s also one of my favorites from his new album ‘Lambs and Lions’!!

Xoxo, Holland

SEC on CBS via SDS (Saturday Down South)

Y’all it’s almost time!!

Okay so I just realized that only SEC fans would understand the title lol. 

On another note I love when other sites do such an amazing job at reporting!! So instead of spending all of my time trying to out do the amazing writers over at SaturdayDownSouth, I thought why not just promte them!!

Check out this fabulous article explaining the SEC schedule on CBS for all of us that don’t have cable!!

Get it here!!

Roll Tide!!

Xoxo, Holland

Drop It Like It’s Hot; Nevermind!!

We all hit that point in our lives financially where we start thinking up ways to make money. I mean if I was in better shape more doors would open 😯. But luckily my moral code is a little higher and I love my mama way to much to shame her, plus I live to far from Vegas!! So what is a girl to do when she’s BROKE!

Okay so here’s where I’m at. I could go down the responsible route and you know get a job. I’ve had a few jobs, everything from professional babysitting​, retail (which sucks) and I even worked at a church (I may or may not have been fired from that one). But I don’t​ want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t think anyone wants to go through life working part-time!! Let’s be honest we all want to be millionaires with a private island and a Bugatti!!! But how do we get there and still have some dignity at the end of the day?

Well here’s the plan. Now I always could go all Princess Kate. Becoming a princess seems to be out of the question because Prince Harry and his GF seem pretty happy. The other plan is starting my own business. I’ve wanted to for so long!! So that’s it, I’m starting a business! It’s top secret because honestly it’s going to be AWESOME and I don’t need people creeping my ideas!! But until then I can talk more about my adventures, country music and some yummy food!! Sorry but y’all get to continue to read my thoughts!!!

Xoxo, Holland

Getting my crap together~

Have you ever thought to yourself “What the heck am I doing?” I can say it like on a daily basis! No joke. I’ll be completely honest I’m broke, I think I’m going with the whole “I’m a writer” bit because then it explains why I’m broke! I’ve literally tried to write a movie five different times. I’ve gotten about ten pages in and then my crazy mind goes to a whole new place. I’ve also tried to start writing a book about twenty different times and well since I’m not on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ talking about it, you can put the pieces together on that one because there is no book. Seriously why can’t I stick to something?? I’m constantly thinking about writing, don’t get me wrong I love to write. It’s almost like my heart loves it but my mind is getting in the way! All I seem to be able to do is write on here and even then my mind wonders and I’m not consistent!

So how do I get my head and heart in the same place?!?!? How do I just go for it. I mean what if I’m going to write the next freaking blockbuster!

Well I guess that is what I am going to do. I am going to give myself this summer to get my crap together and become a writing phenom!! Yup you read it and I’m going to do it!!

Where’s my pen???

Xoxo, Holland

~Happy 2nd Birthday To Us~

It’s been two years since I started this blog!! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone!!
Lets go back to where it all began.
Chris Young had just released “I’m Comin’ Over” and I was searching the internet for some reviews or something just so I could get a feel for it. Well I found nothing, but some uninformed angry bloggers that probably have like thirty cats. It was all nagitive. And when I went searching for some up and coming artists/bands, well you gussed that wasn’t even possible because apparently no one talks about all of the  newbies! So I started racking my mind after I did a ton of complaining. Then that little voice went off in my head and well here I am. I then launched “Southern Princess Problems”. I taught myself how to work WordPress (not an easy task). I also let my inner journalist go nuts and I read about a million articles on how to run a successful blog! Then about a year later I changed the name to, “The Typzee Gypzee”, why well because it’s more my style. Plus my mom had came up with it like three years before for another business I had wanted to do. It has been so much fun. I have gotten to listen to some really amazing music. I have had the privilege of interviewing the next big things that are going to be in Nashville. 

Huge shout-out to all my followers and readers!! I also want to thank every single artist/band that has been apart of my interviews and dealt with my crazy!! I wish you all the best!!!

I also want to thank my amazing mama for teaching me everything about writing and for encouraging me to continue!!

And thank you to everyone in Country Music for making the best music there is!!