#FBF Featuring Chris Young…

It’s almost Christmas y’all and I am so excited.🎄Christmas marks the end of a year and what a year it has been. First my family is moving across the country. Yup we’re heading east, goodbye Cali! Its been a long time coming, but we’re getting ready. So if you happen to see an over loaded UHall and a minivan with way to many kids in it say hi; we’re going to need witnesses because my mom is probably going to be on the verge of leaving us in the Arizona dessert.

But one of the best parts about 2017 was Chris Young being inducted into the Opry. I was so excited to hear the news! So I thought why not look back at where it all started for him. Yes you may recall the show Nashville Star. I do and I remember voting for him. 

Lets give him a huge round of applause for not only winning Nashville Star but also now becoming the newest member of The Grand Ole Opry!!

I mean without Chris I wouldn’t have ever started this site!! So in the words of Brad Paisley “Welcome To The Zoo!”



Xoxo, Holland


~Happy 2nd Birthday To Us~

It’s been two years since I started this blog!! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone!!
Lets go back to where it all began.
Chris Young had just released “I’m Comin’ Over” and I was searching the internet for some reviews or something just so I could get a feel for it. Well I found nothing, but some uninformed angry bloggers that probably have like thirty cats. It was all nagitive. And when I went searching for some up and coming artists/bands, well you gussed that wasn’t even possible because apparently no one talks about all of the  newbies! So I started racking my mind after I did a ton of complaining. Then that little voice went off in my head and well here I am. I then launched “Southern Princess Problems”. I taught myself how to work WordPress (not an easy task). I also let my inner journalist go nuts and I read about a million articles on how to run a successful blog! Then about a year later I changed the name to, “The Typzee Gypzee”, why well because it’s more my style. Plus my mom had came up with it like three years before for another business I had wanted to do. It has been so much fun. I have gotten to listen to some really amazing music. I have had the privilege of interviewing the next big things that are going to be in Nashville. 

Huge shout-out to all my followers and readers!! I also want to thank every single artist/band that has been apart of my interviews and dealt with my crazy!! I wish you all the best!!!

I also want to thank my amazing mama for teaching me everything about writing and for encouraging me to continue!!

And thank you to everyone in Country Music for making the best music there is!!



Well it happened, guys I’ve just found the best song ever released. I’m definitely dealing with a major case of replay!! 

I can literally count on one had the songs that I don’t and won’t ever get sick of listening to and well “City Girl” by Ryan Hurd is my latest obsession. It’s so good that I’m almost speechless. And I’m like super ticked off that I just found out about Ryan in December. I mean why are the radio stations not playing him?

I do want to thank Jake Owen for the exposure!

People go listen to this song like RIGHT NOW!! 

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💋, Holland

Yoga’s Are The Winter Bikini!

Okay y’all I’m having a major issue with yoga’s, are they pants or what?!?!? I was raised by a woman who about twenty minutes before my dad gets home fixes her hair and makeup. My mom is the queen of manners and class! 
So here are my personal thoughts on yoga’s! Don’t hate me I’m not judging anyone that wears them, I promise!! I can say I’m not a fan. I don’t really understand why anyone would wear them outside of the house/yoga studio. They really don’t flater anyone’s figure and they show off way to much! Yoga’s to me would be like wearing a bikini everywhere. Think about it they really are not pants and I’m not buying that you just came from the gym when you’re shopping at Target. I workout and when I’m done I’m a hot sweaty mess! 

So here’s what we all need to do start wearing jeans! Jeans are great and my mama definitely approves of them!

So when it comes right down to it yoga’s are not pants they’re basically a winter bikini!!  

Xoxo, Holland

Pin It!

I’m just a little addicted to a few things for example Chase Rice, Glitter, Taco’s and Pinterest!!

So while I was looking for a dress for a wedding I’m attending in October I came across probably one of the prettiest prom dresses ever!!

Even the shoes are amazing!!

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Xoxo, Holland

Watch “Are You Parting Your Hair the Right Way?” on YouTube

Think about it ladies, we all have that fear of parting our hair wrong I mean I know I do!! So check out this video, it’ll help to ease your fears; so you can sleep at night with great hair!!

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Closet Envy

So I kinda have a bit of a Pinterest addiction!! I may or may not have almost 26,000 pins!! I understand that the first step to recovery is admitting but I’m hooked!! 

So this morning after I had my coffee and did my devotional by the lovely Hillary Scott “Love Remines”, I jumped over to Pinterest!

As I was pinning my future master bedroom I came across this pin of a “Rustic” closet!!

Okay stop, I’m in love!! Yes, everything about this the doors, flooring everything is perfect!! So I clicked on the link and it took me over to a super awesome blog “The Summary Umbrella“, which led me to their post “12 Amazingly Rustic Closets“!! 

These are some amazing closets and I’m now forever in love!!

P.S Dear Future husband I’d greatly appreciate it if you can build things that I find on Pinterest!! 

Xoxo, Holland

❣Dress To Impress❣

So if you are anything like myself then you have already planned out your entire wedding on Pinterest, the only thing missing is the groom!! I’m talking literally everything from flowers, the month, hair/make-up and even the gifts you’re going to give to the bridesmaids!! I’ve literally got it all figured out!!

 I’ve looked at thousands of dresses!! Then I came across this one and I’m hooked!! I don’t know what it is about this dress, but it’s perfect!! My mom said it reminds her of something Carrie Underwood would wear in a music video (that made me love it even more!).

I just have a small problem, (besides the no groom thing), I have no clue who makes this dress! That’s the one thing that I can’t stand about Pinterest!

Xoxo, Holland 

Chocolate Shoe Boutique


So I was skimming around Pinterest and I came across this super cute iPhone 6 case from Chocolate Shoe Boutique!! This is so dang cute and it’s only $12.00!!! Follow this link to get it!!!

PS I am not being paid in anyway to promote this boutique!!!!