What’s New With The Typzee Gypzee?

Oh hey welcome to my blog!! I haven’t posted in a bit so feel free to roam around and read some older posts!

You’re probably wondering who is The Typzee Gypzee well it’s me Holland or Holliebeth! I started this blog a few years ago because honestly I couldn’t find any info on Chris Young’s album “I’m Comin’ Over”. I also couldn’t find anything on smaller artists that I had a mild obsession with. So I started blogging about that for almost three years; but then because my mind is full of about a thousand different things I started to think about going more of the lifestyle route. I had been around the social meets and I decided that yes I love country music but it’s not my one and only love!

So while I’m getting my type on feel free to come and jump on my IG, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with my daily happenings until I get back to blogging!!

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Xoxo, Holland đŸ’‹


Top 5 Songs Of The Week~

So it’s Monday and you probably hate your life but no Monday is a match for some awesome new music!

Check out these Top 5 songs~

There’s your Top 5 Songs for this week! Enjoy your Monday!!

đŸ’‹, Holland

April Music Obsession

April is here and well I have some new music obsessions. You know the kind that you can’t seem to turn off. I mean it’s all you’re listening to. You’ve watched the videos like a million times, you’ve used up all of your data and are considering buying more! 

So here are some of mine! 

Brett Eldredge ‘Something ​I’m Good At’
In a resent interview with People at the ACM’s, the very talented, handsome Snapchat super dude Mr. Brett Eldredge; said that he’s ready to find that one special lady! And since I’m getting ready to make the move east near Nashville, you never know I might get lucky!

Ryan Hurd ‘City Girl’
Okay where in the feaking world has this song been?!? I mean honestly I literaly just heard it like two weeks ago! I’m so mad that I haden’t heard it sooner! I can’t turn the thing off! If you haven’t heard it get with it’s AMAZING!!!

Miranda Lambert ‘We Should Be Friends’
Okay anytime girl we can be besties! Xoxo

Luke Combes ‘Hurricane’
WTF this song hurts my heart​ and makes me need a strong drink!! Plus ugh I hate her!!!

Riley Green ‘Almost’  This song isn’t his newest, but it’s my favorite!! I love it so much that​ I let SoundCloud suck my data for the month dry!!! Listen HERE

Xoxo, Holland

It’s Sunday Now What?


It’s March and that’s means football is officially over until August!!!!
So what in the world are you to do on a Sunday??? Millions are asking this question, because the withdrawals are hard to deal with!!!

Here’s a list of 5 cheap and easy things to do on Sunday!!

#5 Go Junkin’!!
Who doesn’t love to find old junk and make it cute?!?!?!?

#4 Go tubbing down a river!!
This might not work for everyone because it’s still snowing in some parts of the country, but when it warms up grab an inertube, a big group of friends, tie a cooler to one of the inner tubes, and get your float on!!

#3 Bake a cake or make an Ice Box pie!!!!
I just made the best Peanut Butter pie EVER!!!!!! (RECIPE TO COME)

#2 Find a music festival!!!
This one is the most expensive, but so worth it!!!

#1 Spend a few hours under listening to new music!!!!
Go on YouTube and type in random genres!!!!!


Rain Rain Rain


As I lay here listening to the rain, I can’t help but think about all of the great songs that are about rain!!
Country music is famous for taking something so simple, for example rain and then they turn it into a hit!!

So here are my top five songs that include the rain:

#5 “Songs About Rain” -Gary Allen
This is the one of the greatest  breakup songs in country music!!

#4 “Let It Rain” -David Nail
So this is the biggest/greatest guilty cheating song I’ve heard in a while!!!

#3 “Rain Is A Good Thing” -Luke Bryan
Well leave it to Luke to turn a rain storm into a party!!!

#2 “Rainy Night In Georgia” -Chris Young Cover
This is one of my favorite covers Chris has ever done!!

#1 “Like The Rain” -Clint Black
This songs starts off with the sound of rain and then follows with an amazing track, it’s literally perfect!!!!

{My Top 5 Pandora Stations}


So I love making lists because well to be honest, I am completely OCD (I do wish that it was CDO) and things being in order make me breath just a little better!!

Do you ever get board when you’re streaming music?? I know I do!! My music taste is insane; in an hour on Pandora I went from Brett Eldredge to Lana Del Ray to Kendrick Lamar to Baker Mat and then to Chris Young!!
I’m crazy, but it’s always a party in my headphones!!

So here are 5 stations on Pandora that you should be listening to!!

#5 Chris Young
This station is awesome because it plays all of Chris’ albums, plus a ton of classics!!

#4 Lana Del Ray
Okay this one might be an acquired taste!! Not everyone is into her music, but I can’t seem to turn it off!!

#3 Baker Mat
You’ve probably never heard of them!! I hadn’t either; but one day a few month’s ago, I was browsing Instagram and Scott Eastwood put up a screenshot of Baker Mat on his Pandora, so I had to check them out!! And now I am obsessed with dutch techno!! Thanks Scott!!

#2 Lindsey Sterling
I am completely in love with her music!! She’s a classically trained violinist that remasters her music!!! Honestly go listen to her!!

#1 Brett Eldredge
Well besides being a crazy Brett fan, this radio is awesome because it plays all the new releases in Nashville!!

So what are you waiting for go take a listen!!!!


{5 Reasons You Should Always Blast The Radio In The Car}


We’ve all been there, you turn on the radio and there it is, your jam that one song that gets the party started! So what do you do; you turn it up as loud as possible!!

So here are 5 reasons you should blast the radio in the car:

#5 It’s your car and think of all those years that you were confined to that freaking back seat!!

#4 Unless you’re Hilary Scott or Brett Eldredge your car karaoke sucks!! And the louder the music the better you’ll sound!

#3 If your Snapchat has been a little dull car concerts are awesome!! Trust me no one wants to see any more pics of your cat or dinner.

#2 It makes traffic a lot more fun!!! Not just for yourself, but for all the other drivers!!

#1 You might meet some hot guys or girls!! If you’re busting out to some Luke Bryan “Kick The Dust Up” and you’re at a red light some hotie may see and well you never know what might come next!!