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Song Review- “My Kentucky Queen” Greg Finger Band

I don’t know if it’s my California upbringing or what, but I love the new pop/club country​.  It’s fun and you can dance to it! But sometimes I need a little slow down. Some good classic country music that laid the groundwork for all of the club country.
Classic country music is hard to find today. So I started looking and that’s when I came across the Greg Finger Band’s song “My Kentucky Queen”. This has all of the elements of that classic country sound. It tells a super cute story about falling for a country girl and then his whole world changes!
The vocals are great and the lyrics are even better!
I think my favorite thing about the entire song is the slight Blue Grass feel you can hear. I also listened to all of their music on Spotify which was great!! I can’t wait to see what they have next!!
Be sure to give them a follow, buy the new album​ and check out more of their music on Spotify!

Xoxo, Holland


Dorm DIY’s For The Ladies❣

The awesome people over at put together 18 totally fab Dorm DIY’s us ladies will love❣❣

College can be super stressful; so you need a comfy and calm place to unwind at the end of the day❣❣❣

So sit back and get your DIY on❣❣❣❣


5 Pictures of Chase Rice That’ll Make You Want To Melt❣❣


I’m on a current Chase Rice binge❣❣ Seriously it’s a problem or its not, I’m not sure yet!!!

So I’ve found 5 pictures that’ll make you rethink how hot you think your BF is; no really!

Chase has what every girl is looking for!! How can you go wrong with blue eyes, a southern drawl that makes you weak in the knees, he loves his mama, he lives on a farm, he doesn’t like to text (check out this interview) and he’s going to treat you like a princess (take a listen to Ride, Whisper, and Gonna Wanna!).

So he’s 5 pictures that will make you melt or turn into a stalker!!! (I’m kidding don’t stalk Chase!!)


Chase Rice Time

Okay ladies so we all know that country music definitely has scored when it comes to the handsome gene’s!! So each Wednesday I’ll be featuring Nashville’s hunks!!

This week we’ll all be drooling over Mr. Chase Rice. 

If you look up the definition of country boy I’m pretty sure that his picture is going to be right there! Chase is from North Carolina, he was a linebacker in college, he was also on Ryan Newman and Jimmy Johnson’s pit crews!
He was on Survivor: Nicaragua in 2010!

He co-wrote the single “Cruise” performed by Florida Georgia Line. He released the EP Ready Set Roll, featuring the single “Ready Set Roll“, on October 15, 2013. The full-length album Ignite the Night was released on August 19, 2014 and includes “Ready Set Roll”.
He also just released his is latest single “Everyone We Know Does

He is currently on the “Campus Events Network Presents College Days, Country Nights: Chase Rice Back to College Tour (2016)”

If you want to keep up with Chase be sure to give him a follow!!







Give The Gift Of Plumpy Nut❣❣❣❣

How many times do you spend $12 dollars??? I mean honestly $12 dollars is like nothing!! It’s two meals at Taco Bell, three Starbucks drinks, one movie ticket, a bottle of nail polish, the list goes on and on!! 

But what if you could buy 21 life saving packs of Plumpy Nut for $12 dollars?? What is Plumpy Nut, well it’s a bar made with a peanut paste base and it helps malnutrished children gain weight!! Plumpy Nut is to be eaten three times a day and it can be eaten at home without the supervision of a costly medical staff, that for many families is simply to expensive and to far away.

The best part is that the bars have a shelf life of two years and come in a plastic rapper that can be stored anywhere! They’re even classified by  UNICEF as therapeutic food!! 

Before Plumpy Nut families would have to take their children to a hospital and they would have to be given therapeutic milk. Now they can take them to a check up, get their supplies and take them home!! Plus according to the children they’re pretty tasty!!

You can give the gift of Plumpy Nut for only $12 dollars by donating to UNICEF just click the link!!

Pray For Craig Morgan and his family!

Tonight we learned that the body of Craig Morgan’s son Jerry was recovered after a tragic tubing accident this past weekend. I can’t even imagine the pain that the Morgan family is feeling tonight. Losing a child is the most heartbreaking pain a parent can feel. 

Sometimes when we don’t know what to say or how to say it music will take the place of word’s and when I heard the news I could only think if one song that I felt was appropriate to share, ‘Go On Without Me’ By Brett Eldredge 

Tonight please pray for the Morgan family and tell your loved ones how much you love them!!

What Are My Top 10 Pandora Stations?

I want to kiss whoever designed Pandora! This is probably my favorite music app! I listen to Pandora every single day. If I could I would never turn it off. 

So here are the last 10 stations that I have listened to in the last few days!

  1. Elle King
  2. Justin Timberlake 
  3. Jake Owen 
  4. Maren Morris 
  5. Jana Kramer 
  6. Carrie Underwood 
  7. DENC
  8. The Great Gatsby Soundtrack 
  9. Cole Swindell 
  10. Jesse McCartney 

I’m a music addict!!

Xoxo, Holland 

#GypzeeFit Never Looked So Dang Good❣

I am a part of a fitness group on Facebook. We pair pics of our faces aftetva workout, healthy recipes, motivational quotes and more! It’s awesome! A lot of the ladies are doing the Beach Body workouts. I really want to do Beach Body and Shakeology it’s just a bit pricey!!

So with the help of Pinterest I came up with my own 45min workout that works your whole body! Plus I put it to music!!

First off I use music to time this. Brett Eldredge ‘Drunk On Your Love’, Thomas Rhett ‘Vacation’, Jake Owen ‘Tall Glass Of Something’ and Luke Bryan ‘Beer In The Headlights’. You can use any music you want I just am loving these songs at the moment!!


  • Stretch 1:30min
  • 30sec Deep Squats
  • 30 sec Lunges (15sec each leg)
  • 30sec Break
  • 30sec Crunch
  • 30sec Leg Lifts
  • 30sec Side Crunch (Opposite Elbow to Knee)
  • 30sec Break
  • 30sec Kicking
  • 30sec Weave and Toe Touch
  • 30sec Jabs (5 each side)
  • 30sec Break
  • 30sec Push-ups
  • 30sec Crab walk dip
  • 30sec Break
  • 45sec Jog in Place
  • 1:30min Stretch and Cool Off

Repeat 3 to 5 times and drink lots of water!!

❣Top 10 Country Break Up Songs❣

It’s summer which means you’re summer romance is coming to an end and well we all need something to help us get over that perfect someone!!

So if you’re looking to mend that brokenheart here are my top 10 break up songs!

10: Chris Young ‘Text Me Texas’

9: Billy Currington ‘It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To’

8: Brett Eldredge ‘One Mississippi’

7: Dierks Bentley ‘Long Trip Alone’

6: Scotty McCreery ‘Forget To Forget You’

5: Chris Young featuring Cassadee Pope ‘Think Of You’

4: Luke Bryan ‘I See You’

3: Lee Ann Womack ‘Last Call’

2: Sam Hunt Make You Miss Me’

1: Chris Young featuring Vince Gill ‘Sober Saturday Night’

❣Song Of The Week❣

Okay y’all this week’s #SongOfTheWeek goes out to Scotty McCreery’s ‘Five More Minutes’!

I absolutely love this song!! It’s sweet and sentimental, plus every time I hear it it makes me cry!! 

Trust me you’re going to be in love as soon as you hear it!!!

Scotty McCreery – “Five More Minutes” | Live at t…:
Make sure to also get Scotty’s book ‘Go Big Or Go Home’

Follow Scotty on Twitter  IG and Snapchat: @ScottyMcCsnap