What’s New With The Typzee Gypzee?

Oh hey welcome to my blog!! I haven’t posted in a bit so feel free to roam around and read some older posts!

You’re probably wondering who is The Typzee Gypzee well it’s me Holland or Holliebeth! I started this blog a few years ago because honestly I couldn’t find any info on Chris Young’s album “I’m Comin’ Over”. I also couldn’t find anything on smaller artists that I had a mild obsession with. So I started blogging about that for almost three years; but then because my mind is full of about a thousand different things I started to think about going more of the lifestyle route. I had been around the social meets and I decided that yes I love country music but it’s not my one and only love!

So while I’m getting my type on feel free to come and jump on my IG, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with my daily happenings until I get back to blogging!!

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Xoxo, Holland 💋


26 Southern Getaways You Haven’t Heard Of!

It’s January and  well wedding planning is in full swing! So if you’re looking for a bridesmaid getaway our friends over at Country Living came up with a list that’ll put your mind at ease!

When you thinking think​ South you probably start and stop with Nashville, Charlotte or Savannah but apparently there’s 26 other cities that are getting the short end of the stick! 

Check them out here and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!!

Thanks Again Country Living!!

Xoxo, Holland