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SEC on CBS via SDS (Saturday Down South)

Y’all it’s almost time!!

Okay so I just realized that only SEC fans would understand the title lol. 

On another note I love when other sites do such an amazing job at reporting!! So instead of spending all of my time trying to out do the amazing writers over at SaturdayDownSouth, I thought why not just promte them!!

Check out this fabulous article explaining the SEC schedule on CBS for all of us that don’t have cable!!

Get it here!!

Roll Tide!!

Xoxo, Holland


Bob Ross Monday~

Most of the time Monday’s suck but I have a cure! During your lunch break sit back and watch a little Bob Ross!!

P.S. You’re welcome!!

Xoxo, Holland

~Happy 2nd Birthday To Us~

It’s been two years since I started this blog!! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone!!
Lets go back to where it all began.
Chris Young had just released “I’m Comin’ Over” and I was searching the internet for some reviews or something just so I could get a feel for it. Well I found nothing, but some uninformed angry bloggers that probably have like thirty cats. It was all nagitive. And when I went searching for some up and coming artists/bands, well you gussed that wasn’t even possible because apparently no one talks about all of the  newbies! So I started racking my mind after I did a ton of complaining. Then that little voice went off in my head and well here I am. I then launched “Southern Princess Problems”. I taught myself how to work WordPress (not an easy task). I also let my inner journalist go nuts and I read about a million articles on how to run a successful blog! Then about a year later I changed the name to, “The Typzee Gypzee”, why well because it’s more my style. Plus my mom had came up with it like three years before for another business I had wanted to do. It has been so much fun. I have gotten to listen to some really amazing music. I have had the privilege of interviewing the next big things that are going to be in Nashville. 

Huge shout-out to all my followers and readers!! I also want to thank every single artist/band that has been apart of my interviews and dealt with my crazy!! I wish you all the best!!!

I also want to thank my amazing mama for teaching me everything about writing and for encouraging me to continue!!

And thank you to everyone in Country Music for making the best music there is!!


Last Call For “Nashville Bourbon Durby”

There’s still tickets available for the 2nd Annual “Nashville Bourbon Durby” at the East Ivy Mansion on May 2nd, which is tomorrow!! It’s an amazing event that will have a food truck, auction and music!! It will be bnefitting the T.J. Martell Foundation’s FTL Sarcoma Fund, which raises money for sarcoma research in honor of Lindsay Walleman.
Tickets are only $50 which gives you 10 taste​ tickets for the different Bourbon’s​. Each Bourbon takes a different amount of tickes. Additional taste tickets will be available for purchase during the event!!

Must be 21 and older!!

To purchase tickets and learn more just follow this link!!!

Xoxo, Holland

We Should BE Friends💋

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NFL Draft Is In The Air

📷: Saturday Down South

Every April means only three things for most sports enthusiasts; opening day of MLB, NBA Playoffs and the NFL Draft.
For me it’s all about the draft. For many players their futures hang in the balance. All the work that they have done for so long comes down to one weekend. As they sit and wait for Rodger Goodell to call their names, we as the fans get to know them a little better.
The spotlight moves from making the plays to their lives off the field. From interviews to ESPN special’s and everything in-between. But for many that spotlight also shows the world things that aren’t the greatest. 
But every once in a while a player emerges and shows us that no matter how great of a player you are, what really matters is what happens off the field. The 
2016/2017 season has had some very interesting news worthy stories. There is one story about a player that seems to be more concerned with his character rather then anything else and that would​ be Trevor Knight.
Trevor made heads turn during his freshman year, when he led the Oklahoma Sooners to a Suger Bowl victory over Alabama. Then he made headlines once again when he transfered to Texas A&M for his final year of football.
I always wondered why there was never any bad press on him. I mean if anyone else had done what he had, I couldn’t even imagine how awful the presd would be. Then today as I was reading articles on the draft I came across one by John Cirst from Saturday Down South. That’s when I realised that Trevor is a really respectful, mannerly, kind hearted, kinda guy.

(Check out the full article below!)

“If Trevor Knight can’t make it in the NFL, then he potentially has a lucrative career in front of him as a speaker on college campuses.

So what’s the title of his seminar? “How to Handle Yourself as a Quarterback at a Big-Time Football Program.” Rare is it to find someone who handled both the highs and lows of playing the game’s most important position with more style and grace.” Continue

I don’t know what the Draft will hold for Trevor but my fingers are crossed!!

Be sure to keep up with Trevor on Twitter (@trevor_knight9), IG(@trevor_knight9) and Viktre.

Follow John (@SaturdayJC) and Saturday Down South (@SDS) for all the latest on the draft!

Xoxo, Holland

How To Date A Farmer or Rancher Via- AgDaily

We all the farming and ranching is 24/7 kinda of job! Chris Soules aka Prince Farming from The Bachelor gave us a look into what the “dating” scene is for a farmer in rural Iowa! Personally I’d love to live on a farm in the middle of know where! 

But unfortunately​ for most ladies that’s not always the case.

So this morning I was flipping through Facebook when I came across an article​ on AG Daily talking about dating a farmer. It was awesome and so true.

“I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, but after being in a relationship with a farm boy for over four years there are some things I’ve learned that may be worth passing on. It takes a special kind of person to deal with a farmer’s schedule sometimes, and it takes some patience and understanding to keep the relationship thriving.

If you ever hit a rough patch, know that you’re not alone. All relationships take work, but dating a farmer can have special challenges. Here are a few of those challenges and how to overcome them, with a few tips of advice:

1. Leave him (or her!) alone! If you haven’t always grown up on a farm, it may be an adjustment to get used to the fact that your farmer has never had corporate coworkers or bosses. While you may be talkative or used to a corporate work environment where the boss is always barking orders, that’s not how it works with a farmer. They’re used to working alone or with just a couple of people who are usually relatives. The job needs to get done in a timely fashion. Leave them be and let them get it done.” Continue

Ladies let your man hunt or fish!

Okay so I’m pretty sure that one of the biggest issues in relationships is the subject of hunting and fishing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ladies complain and down right freak out if their other half wants to hunt or fish. 

What is the big deal? I mean honestly, why is it such an issue? Here’s how I look at it, men love it that’s a fact! I’ve heardtalk just as some guys talk about hunting and fishing just as passionately as they do about their GF’s and wives! They’re in love with it! Every single guy in County Music has at least on reference to it. Heck Luke Bryan even named his song “Huntin’ Fishen’ and Loving Every Day”

Men need to release some of that cavemanlyness that builds up over time. It’s true, one weekend away they’ll come back all ready for some “alone” time!! #DateNight

Ladies let them go because when they come back they’ll spoil you with some; hey get your mind out of the gutter this post is PG 😉. I was going to say attention!!

Plus men in camo are far better than some guy in loafers! What’s hotter then a guy with a gun or bow and scruff, I can’t think of anything!!

So next time let your man wants to get his hunt or fish on, let him!! Trust me you’ll think me later! Plus when he’s gone go do something fun with your girls!! CountryLiving came up with a great​ list of “26 Under-The-Radar Southern Girlfriend Getaway Towns”.

💋, Holland

Hello Goodbye Netflix Addition

So for whatever reason Netflix takes stuff off?!?! Why, well I have zero clue. What I don’t really understand is how I can still go watch Justin​Bieber’s video ‘Baby’ and The Charlie Biting his brother but Netflix ​can’t keep movies and shows! 

Anyway the awesome people over at The Big 98 Nashville, has come up with a complete list of everything coming and going!! Check it out here!!

Sam Ponder, Lyme Disease and how it all has to do with my life!

I honestly thought that by the time I turned twenty-five I’d be married, have two kids, have a Journalism degree and be on the sideline reporting for ESPN or College Game Day. I’d love to host with Sam Ponder she’s awesome! Sorry​ for the fangirling, but she’s amazing!

Okay so things haven’t gone quite that way. Actually none of that has happened. If you told me six years ago that I’d still be living at home with my parents, sharing a room with my younger sister, jobless and carless; I probably would’ve punched you in the face. But there’s more to it, because I’m not being a bum.

“You have Lyme​ Disease and that’s why you’re so sick…” That’s what I was being told the fall after my senior year of highschool. So I have Lyme Disease. As the doctor was talking with my mom I thought to myself, “That’s nice, but I don’t hike and I hate to camp, so how did I get this and how do I get better?” That’s when the Doctor interrupted my thoughts….. “Because you have such an advanced form of Lyme Disease we would like to put you on an IV directly attached to your heart.” So you could say that I was just a little freaked out by all of this to say the least. On top of feeling awful, which included migraines that felt as if I had taken a hit from a defensive lineman and now I had the worst concussion ever.
I wasen’t to keen on having an IV put into my heart; I mean who would be okay with that and I applaud those that are dealing with that!!!
There I was feeling as if my world was falling apart. I wanted to be at school freaking out about classes and the freshmen 15! But no, I was in a doctor’s office in Northern California being told about this insane disease that has no cure! Oh and did I mention that there’s a huge government conspiracy behind it and insurance companies won’t recognize it as an actual disease!

Let’s go back to highschool, I had planned on going to college at either the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) or The University of Florida. I was going to double major in Journalism and Multimedia! I was ready for college. I had done tons of research on literally everything from the best places to eat, which church’s were popular, the best sororities (Tri Delta) etc. I was ready to be the next Erin Andrews! But as my Junior year was nearing the end I felt awful and things only got worse from there. By the end of my Senior year I was barely leaving the house. Plus my family was dealing with major church drama and now my walk with God was almost non-existent.

All I can say is I felt like I had done something and was being punished for it. Being sick has been absolutely the most frustrating and emotional testing thing I’ve ever been through. It’s still a battle, but I’m getting better at fighting. I went on antibiotics for about six months and it made me sicker. Which apparently is how it works. We weren’t okay with that. I mean I didn’t do much before the meds, but on meds I was now really not leaving the house. I ended up not going to college. But after tons of prayer I now realize that going to school wasn’t part of God’s plan for me. One reason I started this blog is because I love to write and I don’t need a Journalism degree to do that. I still wish I could do some sideline reporting but you never know what could happen! I have also gotten really into golf and I’m getting ready to start working on that pretty soon. I’ve also jumped into song writing and I’ve been doing research on music producing. I‘m still sick but I know how to handle it. Plus I’ve given my whole future to God. I have zero control of how I feel and where I end up. I’ve learned that I’m not the one in charge. I can try and take it over and well honestly that never ends well!! My faith is in God and his amazing powers! Do I think he can heal me, of course but he hasn’t. I don’t know why I have Chronic Lyme Disease, but I do and I will live my life to the fullest! I think Tim Tebow said it best, “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future!”.

So that’s just a small glimpse into my life!!

💋, Holland