Typzee Tuesday Tunes~

Starting this week on Tuesdays I’ll be featuring my fav can’t stop listening to song!! And this week our #TypzeeTune goes to Mr. Jon Langston and his latest “When It Comes To Loving You”!! This song is absolutely amazing and super sweet!!

Hope y’all enjoy!!

💋, Holland



It’s Wednesday or hump day!! And the only thing that gets me through the day is music!!

So here are a few of my go to’s:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

💋, Holland

Typzee Tuesday Tips~


Here’s some tips to deal with an unexpected all nighter!

  1. Get your coffee on.
  2. Eat a breakfast burrito. I don’t know what it is about burritos, but y’all they do wonders!
  3. Turn on some pump-up jamz! Something like Chase Rice or Morgan Wallen!
  4. Take a mid-day nap. Just turn off your phone, jump in bed and snooze!
  5. And lastly chill! Turn on a movie, binge a TV show or get pinning!!

So there you have it!! Enjoy your day and chill!

💋, Holland

Let’s Get Pinning…

I have a slight addiction to Pinterest! You’ve seen those scenes in movies where an addict goes to an AA type meeting and they say “I’m so and so and I have a drinking problem” and then everyone snaps, well I’d definitely have some snaps coming my way if I went to one of those about Pinterest! I don’t what it is about the thing but it’s so relaxing. Right not I’m almost to 30,000 pins. Yes you read that right!

I literally have a board for everything. I may or may not have a board just for felt crafts!!!

Anywho come follow me and join in on my addiction!!


💋, Holland

“Break Up In The End”-Cole Swindell

Cole did it again yes he put out another single that is AMAZING!! I can’t turn the thing off!! I don’t about you but after hearing this one I can’t wait to hear what’s going to be on the next album!

💋, Holland

Monday’s At Typzee Gypzee…

So it’s Monday and we all wish it was 4:30pm on Friday, but unfortunately it’s not. Don’t panic you’ll make it through. And to make it to 5pm here’s a video from Mr. William Michael Morgan talking about recording and new music:

💋, Holland

New Music Video Monday…

If your Monday needs to end then take a break and watch Chris Young’s new video for “Hangin’ On”. Also be sure to get Chris’s latest album Losing Sleep“!!!!

Xoxo, Holland

Earbud Tragedy…

When it comes to music the most important thing is the magic of the earbud. It’s so small and delicate that it must be handled with the utmost respect and love. But those little things are also quite possibly the most difficult thing that has ever been invented; you don’t believe me try and untangle them in the dark!!

Earbuds are just as vidal as some major organs like the liver or the kidneys! For me I honestly can’t function properly in my daily routine without them. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the simple fact that I have to face the real world head on without my own personal sound track! Whatever the reason I need earbuds to live peacefully in this crazy world. So one might come to realize that when my earbuds break it’s a very trying time for my sanity.

But the other day something happened that could only happen to me. It was Saturday morning and my parents, siblings and myself needed to clean out the garage. Because we are getting ready to move from California to Tennessee, (I’ll explain that in another post). No biggie, it was Saturday morning I had my morning coffee, and my makeup was on point. I put in my earbuds, turned on some Easton Corbin (mildly obsessed) and I was ready to get my clean on. Now you must know when I listen to music it’s as high as I can get it and I dance like a drunk girl on night three of CMA Fest and Luke Bryan just sang “Shake It For Me”. So anyway I needed to warm up my jeans and fluff them a bit in the dryer because who has time to iron. Okay I’ve done it like a million times, little did I know this time would be very different from those pervious jean fluffs!

Three Easton songs later and I’m now jamming out to “Lovin’ You Is Fun”, as if he wrote it to me. I go to the dryer open the door, grab my jeans and BAM, I got shocked. The jolt went through my MP3 player, (yes I still have mine from highschool), up the cable and right into my earbuds! IT SHOCKED THE INSIDE OF MY EAR!!! I might have screamed and it kinda freaked my mom out who was on the other side of the house. Who gets shocked through earbuds?? I didn’t even think that was a thing!! I may have reacted like the guy in the Bible that had his ear cut off, but seriously it was painful and it freaked me out. My ear is still hurting and it’s been a week!! Then after all of that my earbuds stopped working completely! Let’s just think about this a moment; I either have the worst luck in the world and somehow these things always happen to me or Easton Corbin is so great it’s “shocking”. I truly think it’s a combination of both but what do I know, I’m just a girl with a sore ear and broken earbuds!

Until next time!!

Xoxo, Holland

The Diary of Me: Day 1…

Well hey, yes I realise that it’s been almost two months since I’ve blogged. I don’t think I could really call myself a “professional blogger”, because they don’t take time off. But after much thought I’ve made up my mind and have made the decision to just go for it. And I thought I would start off my new blogging journey with a new look and direction.

Yes I spent a few hundred hours on here making all kinds of changes. And honestly it wouldn’t have taken me so long if I knew a little something about making a blog and if very handsome country singers would stop posting so much on social media. Anyway we’re now here and it’s a go.

After lots of thinking while listening to Chase Rice, William Michael Morgan and Easton Corbin, too name a few this idea came to me. I’m going to start writing about my crazy life. You may be wondering “why am I even reading this”, well I’m going to be telling you.

Most of the things that happen in my life are almost unbelievable. Like when I was angerly sweeping and ended up in the ER with my toe bone coming out of the bottom of my foot or when I almost totalled a truck of the person that I was house sitting for only a week after I had gotten my license or maybe when I was moving furniture from the front yard intoo the house and I stepped in cat diarrhea because my neighbor feeds all of the starts in the neighborhood so I then chucked my flip flop at her house.

I could literally go on and on but what fun would that be!!! If you really want to know then you’re definitely going to have to stick around and see what’s to come!!

Xoxo, Holland

New Video Alert ‘Amen’-Chase Rice

Music videos have a way of making a song mean something that you would never have felt by just listening to it.

Sometimes they’re funny, cute, romantic, and then sometimes they are simply real life. Most of the time they are just like mini movies with actor’s and even a script. But then an artist will come out with a video that is real. It’s telling their story. And Chase Rice did just that. I don’t think this video could be anymore real.

When I first saw it I was in tears and to be totally honest that doesn’t happen often to me. I don’t think I can even put it into words just how powerful this song/video are.

It’s simple and powerful!

Xoxo, Holland