Monday Motivation~

I know it’s Monday and we all wish it wasn’t! So you can so one of two things:

  • Pretend you’re in China so now it’s magically Tuesday
  • Or drink some coffee and jam out to some JT and Stapleton!!

You can thank me later!!

💋, Holland


∆New Artist Spotlight with Southern Smokeshow ∆

So its 2016 and I’m kicking things off with a New Artist Spotlight with the newest, best dressed duo to hit Nashville, since FG Line!! You would know them as Southern Smokeshow!!
They’re brand new and from the sounds of things they can’t wait to take charge of Music Row!!

I know y’all can’t wait so here it is; my Q&A with Southern Smokeshow!! And BTW Stephanie is the Brunette and Denise is the blonde!!

Q1. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

A1. Stephanie- I grew up listening to jazz and old country so some of my influences are Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash. But lately Chris Stapleton has been blowing my mind! 

      Denise – I grew up in Atlanta so there was an eclectic mix of music in my world. From Brian McKnight to Tim McGraw to Nsync to Elvis to Mariah Carey to the Dixie Chicks. Country meets Hip-Hop and R&B!

Q2. Y’alls name is awesome, how did you choose it?

A2. Stephanie is from the north and Denise is from the south, so we wanted a clever name that referenced both. We liked the word “ Southern”  because we met and live in Nashville. Smokeshow is a funny Northern term (We’ll let you google the meaning of that one)  With hours…scratch that… DAYS of brainstorming we came up with Southern Smokeshow. 

Q3. The style in Nashville is pretty crazy, what are some items you can’t live without?                

A3. Stephanie- I can’t live without a rad hat. It’s a rare occasion when you see me without one! 

      Denise – Statement pieces and fun head gear. I love crazy pants, shoes and hats! Steph and I almost always have some sort of hat on! (Maybe because our hair is always dirty? Shhh)

Q4. If you could sing a song with anyone (living or not), who would it be?

A4. Stephanie- I would have loved a chance to sing with Elvis or Frank Sinatra. 

       Denise – I’m just gonna do it – Justin Timberlake! Not sure how much singing I’d be able to do though. I’d be a hot mess! 

Q5. What country singer would you pucker up with on New Years?

A5. Stephanie- I’m not the type of person that kisses on the first date, but if Elvis asked me out to dinner first we might be talkin. 

       Denise – Well it looks like Steph and I would have our first official band fight over who gets to kiss Elvis at midnight! Back off!

Q6. What is the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to your music?

A6. Stephanie- Best advice I’ve been given is to always keep doing what I love and not let somebody else tell me how I need to sound. And to just keep pushing, nobody else is going to do the work for me. 

       Denise – “Eat beanie weenies and live music.” Seriously, a friend of mine in the industry said you’ve got to commit to your dream 100%. Go broke. Be exhausted. Work endlessly and make it happen! 

Q7. Who is your current music obsession and why?

A7. Stephanie- Thomas Rhett and Chris Stapleton! Their songs are clever and I love their voices! 

       Denise – Thomas Rhett is one of my favs right now! Sam Hunt! Wait for it….. Justin Bieber. His new record is pretty sick! 

Q8. Is there a song out that you wish you had wrote? 

A8. Stephanie- I would say Dirt by Florida Georgia Line and Girl Crush by Little Big Town. Both great songs! 

      Denise – Girl Crush! That song was such a game changer! 

Q9. What is your idea of a relaxing day?

A9. Stephanie- Enjoying a good cup of coffee and some vinyl to get inspired! And if there is a front porch on a sunny day, perfection. 👌🏼 

      Denise – Netflix and Cat Lady! Just got 2 new kittens so I love cuddling with them! If it was warmer I’d be outside hiking or posted up on a patio!  

Q10. What are your plans for 2016?

A10. Many plans for the new year! We are so thankful for the people we are working with and excited to release some great music! Watch out because Southern Smokeshow is going to kick ass and start taking names in 2016! 

So there is a look at the one and only Southern Smokeshow!!!

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