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Bob Ross Monday~

Most of the time Monday’s suck but I have a cure! During your lunch break sit back and watch a little Bob Ross!!

P.S. You’re welcome!!

Xoxo, Holland

Drop It Like It’s Hot; Nevermind!!

We all hit that point in our lives financially where we start thinking up ways to make money. I mean if I was in better shape more doors would open 😯. But luckily my moral code is a little higher and I love my mama way to much to shame her plus I live to far from Vegas!! So what is a girl to do when she’s BROKE!

Okay so here’s where I’m at. I could go down the responsible route and you know get a job. I’ve had a few jobs, everything from professional babysitting​, retail (which sucks) and I even worked at a church. But I don’t​ want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t think anyone wants to go through life working part-time!! Let’s be honest we all want to be millionaires with a private island and a Bugatti!!! But how do we get there and still have some dignity at the end of the day?

Well here’s the plan. Now I always could go all Princess Kate. Becoming a princess seems to be out of the question because Prince Harry and his GF seem pretty happy. No the other plan is starting my own business. I’ve wanted to for so long and my mom wants to be partners. So that’s it, we’re starting a business! It’s top secret because honestly it’s going to be AWESOME and I don’t need people creeping my ideas!! But until I can talk more about our adventures, y’all get to continue to read my thoughts!! (SORRY IN ADVANCE)

Xoxo, Holland

No Regrets~

Do you ever feel like something is just on the horizon of life but you’re not Shure what the heck that is or when it’s going to happen?!?!?

I’ve​ been thinking a lot about what my “passion” is! And honestly I can’t think of just one. My brain is conveniently always running and at times it’s great until you need to focus in on something. My mom said that I need to be a millionaire because they do tons of different things. I guess she’s right. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t go to college because I would have never been able to pick a major. I should be a career coach because I know how to become anything.

Here’s quick list of so.s of the things I’ve actually considered doing:

  • Pro Bass Fisher
  • Wedding Planner
  • Nanny
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Aid Worked In Africa
  • NFL or College Football Sideline Reporter
  • Teacher
  • UN Ambassador
  • English Teacher In China
  • Baker 
  • Interior Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • NFL cheerleader
  • Beach Volleyball Player
  • Model
  • Marry A Prince (I literally made a list of Royal Bachelor’s)
  • Reality TV Star (It worked for Kim K and company)
  • A preschool Teacher in Lesotho
  • Congressman or something in Government
  • Actress
  • Pop singer
  • EDM DJ
  • Historian
  • House Keeper
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Author
  • Screenplay Writer
  • Radio DJ
  • Journalist
  • Song Writer

    So what do I do?? Honestly why not some of them?!?!?!? Here’s how I’m now looking at things. If Tim Tebow can play baseball after not playing for twelve years then we’ll I can do of the things on this list!!!!! 

    So that’s what I’m going to do!! Watch out because you might see me on the New Times Best Seller or you might be front row at a movie I wrote!!

    Xoxo, Holland

    Tin Man~

    Watch Miranda Get as raw and real with this version of “Tin Man”~

    ~Happy 3rd Birthday To Us~

    It’s been three years since I started this blog!! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone!!
    Lets go back to where it all began.
    Chris Young had just released “I’m Comin’ Over” and I was searching the internet for some reviews or something just so I could get a feel for it. Well I found nothing, but some uninformed angry bloggers that probably have like thirty cats. It was all nagitive. And when I went searching for up and coming artists/bands, that was not even possible because apparently no one talks about newbies! So I started racking my mind after I did a ton of complaining. Then that little voice went off and well here I am. I then launched “Southern Princess Problems”. I taught myself how to work WordPress (not an easy task). I also let my inner reporter go nuts and I read about a million articles on how to run a successful blog! Then about a year later I changed the name to, “The Typzee Gypzee”, why well because it’s more my style. Plus my mom had came up with it like three years before for another business I wanted to do. It has been so much fun. I have gotten to listen to some really amazing music. I have had the privilege of interviewing the next big things that are going to be in Nashville. 

    Huge shout-out to all my followers and readers!! I also want to thank every single artist that has been apart of my interviews and dealt with my crazy!! I wish you all the best!!!

    I also want to thank my amazing mama for teaching me everything about writing and for encouraging me to continue!!

    And thank you to everyone in Country Music for making the best music there is!!


    Yoga’s Are The Winter Bikini!

    Okay y’all I’m having a major issue with yoga’s, are they pants or what?!?!? I was raised by a woman who about twenty minutes before my dad gets home fixes her hair and makeup. My mom is the queen of manners and class! 
    So here are my personal thoughts on yoga’s! Don’t hate me I’m not judging anyone that wears them, I promise!! I can say I’m not a fan. I don’t really understand why anyone would wear them outside of the house/yoga studio. They really don’t flater anyone’s figure and they show off way to much! Yoga’s to me would be like wearing a bikini everywhere. Think about it they really are not pants and I’m not buying that you just came from the gym when you’re shopping at Target. I workout and when I’m done I’m a hot sweaty mess! 

    So here’s what we all need to do start wearing jeans! Jeans are great and my mama definitely approves of them!

    So when it comes right down to it yoga’s are not pants they’re basically a winter bikini!!  

    Xoxo, Holland

    Love Is In The Air!

    Have you ever been in love? It’s probably the best feeling in the entire world! Just think about it; there are songs, movies, TV shows and plays all about being in love. Love is the ultimate feeling that will override all other feelings. You’ve probably heard from parents that the love they have for their children is undescribable! Two people will choose to spend their entire lives together all because they’re in love!

    One of my favorite movie scenes is from “It Takes Two”, (yes the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie). Kirstie Alley is explaining what true love feels like; She says It’s got to be that can’teatcan’tsleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?”. That’s literally the only way to explain it!

    Well I now know what everyone is trying to explain. No I’m not getting none of that. I’ve fell head over heels for a Range Rover! Yes you read that right, I’m in love with a Range Rover! I completely understand what true love feels like. 

    Now I made myself a promise way back when I was sixteen. I said I don’t want to own a car unless it’s a Range Rover. Well so far I’ve kept that promise. Don’t judge me! 

    It’s now my new life goal! Stick around for the ride cause it’s going to be crazy!

    Xoxo, Holland

    ~2017 Baby~

    Follow me: IG/Twitter @TheTypzeeGypzee & on Snapchat username: hollandgibson

    I did something no one in the social media world would ever do, I took four months off!!

    Yes, I put down the phone, computer, tablet, etc.

    Why, well I was at a total road block. I couldn’t write to save my life. If my posts were a food they would’ve been a freaking Fruit Cake and we all know what people do with Fruit Cake!

    It was a good four months. I made some major plans for The Typzee Gypzee for this upcoming year. First I’m going to make a huge effort to create a community of Gypzee’s who are as crazy about country music, fashion, college football, fitness, food, and family as I am. I want this to be a fun family! Second my posts are going to have a new vibe! New as in all me and no filter! 

    So much is in the works for 2017 and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it! Stay Tuned!

    Holland aka The Typzee Gypzee

    ❣Ways To Grow Follows❣

    People are always asking why I blog and spend so much time on social media and how it’s my job! Well first I absolutely love the opportunity to get to network with people from all over the country and world!! It opens a whole world of opportunity that I  would’ve never had the chance to see if hadn’t decided to blog. Second it’s fun! I’m a bit of a gypsy and I love seeing things and places I’ve never seen before.
    Okay so now you’re wondering how you can get paid to post on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest?? Well it’s a lot simpler than you think!! First off get ready to work! It takes lots of effort to grow your site’s and get the traffic you want. 

    I have always been on social media but this past year I jumped off and made it my main priority. I am now getting between 30,000 to 75,000 impressions on Twitter and I get at least 45 to 100 likes on Instagram!! Now this may not seem like a lot but I haven’t spent a dime on anything! I have only used free sites and I didn’t pay for any advertising!! So all of my views and follows are from my content. I am thinking about paying to make my site dot com just so I own it. 

    So now you want to get your accounts noticed!! Each social media platform has some kind of unique way of getting things done.

    Here’s some things I’ve learned over the past year:


    1. The more you post, like and follow will get you follows.
    2. You can’t over post! It’s true I mean why would I follow someone that doesn’t post!
    3. Make aure you have a really good pictures. Invest in a good camera and do your research.
    4. If you are using pictures from other sites make sure you get permission or at least credit them. I posted a picture of Jake Owen at CMA Fest and I tagged who o got it from, Jake and the photographer. My post people won’t mind if you share their work as long as you credit them. And if you don’t know who’s picture it is just put from wherever you got it from like Pinterest or something.
    5. Make it match. An IG account that posts anything looks desperate and crazy. Pick a theme or color scheme.


    1. Pinterest is pretty easy. Make multiple boards. I like to follow just the boards sometimes. 
    2. Post all the time and anytime.
    3. Go crazy there is literally no way to “over” post on Pinterest.
    4. Make sure to follow really good accounts it helps to find good pins.


    1. Wit is the Twitter game in my opinion! I have literally posted something way stupid and got a ton of hits on it!
    2. Don’t complain! No one care if you don’t like your mother in law. Now if she said something stupid or funny post it. 
    3. Don’t over tag people. You’ll start looking like a stocker if you’re not careful. Now writing something like “How does @jakeowen keep his teeth so white?? #AskingForAFriend”  now this is funny and people will like it and if you’re lucky Jake might reply!! I once said that Chris Soules was more my type than Ben Higgins from The Bachelor, well apparently Ben read that and said that Chris was a great guy and that he hopped I would still enjoy the he show lol. Anything is possible!! PS I still feel kinda bad!!
    4. The public loves emojis!! It’s true. The last Bachelor with Ben I used emojis to explain The Bachelor. 
    5. Hashtag !!! I honestly don’t understand why people even use Twitter if they’re not going to hashtag! What’s the point!!
    6. Use a picture and links it makes things interactive!!

    So think before you post!! And if you’re interested in launching a social media marketing campaign E-mail me for more information!!

    And don’t for get to follow me on Twitter  IG and Pinterest!!!


    Camping at The Hilton!


    Buzzfeed somehow always knows what to say and when to say it!! So randomly one day I was googling funny quotes about not camping or not being “outdoorsy” and I ran across an article from BuzzFeed titled
    “32 Signs You’re Not An Outdoors Person At All”
    Yes that spoke to me!!

    I can honestly say that I hate the outdoors as in the wilderness!! Don’t get me wrong I like parks, my backyard, a farm, even a botanical garden here or there is lovely but camping and having to pee in a hole is so not me!!

    So when I read this article I about died because it’s basically me minus the gardening and farming part!!!

    Here are a few things according to BuzzFeed:

    1. You get stressed out thinking about the lack of power outlets outside.

    2. And you don’t even want to think about how bad the wifi service is.

    7. You don’t care about learning how to use a compass — you have Google Maps for that stuff.

    12. You consider mosquito’s the worst creatures on earth.

    15. You’re not sure why you’d go hiking outside when there’s a perfectly good treadmill at the gym.

    19. Or if it’s hot, you start sweating the moment you step outdoors.

    25. Going camping is basically your darkest nightmare

    Check out all 32 signs here!!!