#FBF Featuring Chris Young…

It’s almost Christmas y’all and I am so excited.🎄Christmas marks the end of a year and what a year it has been. First my family is moving across the country. Yup we’re heading east, goodbye Cali! Its been a long time coming, but we’re getting ready. So if you happen to see an over loaded UHall and a minivan with way to many kids in it say hi; we’re going to need witnesses because my mom is probably going to be on the verge of leaving us in the Arizona dessert.

But one of the best parts about 2017 was Chris Young being inducted into the Opry. I was so excited to hear the news! So I thought why not look back at where it all started for him. Yes you may recall the show Nashville Star. I do and I remember voting for him. 

Lets give him a huge round of applause for not only winning Nashville Star but also now becoming the newest member of The Grand Ole Opry!!

I mean without Chris I wouldn’t have ever started this site!! So in the words of Brad Paisley “Welcome To The Zoo!”



Xoxo, Holland


2017 Has Been CRAZY…

Y’all 2017 is almost over and it’s been crazy! Trump is still president, which has ticked off a ton of people, way too funny. We’ve endured some major heartbreak with Hurricanes, Mass shootings by cowards, terrorist attacks and much more.

In many ways this year has taught us that we need to love on our family and friends a lot more and that we need to run after our dreams!!

What is one way we can get through it all? Well, in my opinion that’s with music. And for me that’s specifically country music. I have to be honest I almost gave up on my dream of what I want The Typzee Gypzee to be. I have so many plans and dreams. But that stupid thought that comes in and tells you to forget about it, came in and set up a freaking camp site. I was almost done with it all. But then the heartbreaking attack that in Las Vegas happened and it hit me hard. We only get one life and we can waste it. So in memory of those that lost their lives while having a good time, I’m going to make something out of The Typzee Gypzee! I’m not going to let the unknown hold me back. And I’m going to start by blogging the crap out of this thing. And best of all I’m moving to Nashville!! Yup I said it, I’M MOVING TO NASHVILLE!! I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time so why not. And the best part, my family is also coming. I’m not doing this one alone. All I know is it’s going to be a party! So stay tuned!!

What are you waiting for go follow your dreams, I mean what do you have to lose???

And speaking of someone that didn’t give up on their dreams, Mr. Chase Rice has a new album out after a long three years! Enjoy his new song One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song’ it’s also one of my favorites from his new album ‘Lambs and Lions’!!

Xoxo, Holland

FLASH BACK FRIDAY~ Brett Eldredge Edition

Y’all it’s Friday and well who doesn’t want to listen to some old school Brett Eldredge?? I mean honestly it never gets old!!

Xoxo, Holland 

~Happy 2nd Birthday To Us~

It’s been two years since I started this blog!! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone!!
Lets go back to where it all began.
Chris Young had just released “I’m Comin’ Over” and I was searching the internet for some reviews or something just so I could get a feel for it. Well I found nothing, but some uninformed angry bloggers that probably have like thirty cats. It was all nagitive. And when I went searching for some up and coming artists/bands, well you gussed that wasn’t even possible because apparently no one talks about all of the  newbies! So I started racking my mind after I did a ton of complaining. Then that little voice went off in my head and well here I am. I then launched “Southern Princess Problems”. I taught myself how to work WordPress (not an easy task). I also let my inner journalist go nuts and I read about a million articles on how to run a successful blog! Then about a year later I changed the name to, “The Typzee Gypzee”, why well because it’s more my style. Plus my mom had came up with it like three years before for another business I had wanted to do. It has been so much fun. I have gotten to listen to some really amazing music. I have had the privilege of interviewing the next big things that are going to be in Nashville. 

Huge shout-out to all my followers and readers!! I also want to thank every single artist/band that has been apart of my interviews and dealt with my crazy!! I wish you all the best!!!

I also want to thank my amazing mama for teaching me everything about writing and for encouraging me to continue!!

And thank you to everyone in Country Music for making the best music there is!!


Why I Love Murphy Elmore! 

Hey Hey It’s Bailey Anne coming at you with a new artist and music review 😉

Okay y’all I was on YouTube and stumbled across Murphy Elmore! 

And let me tell you I am officially a fan and totally in love with his song, “Whoever broke your heart”! One listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about! (Not that I only listened to it once, it was more like 8 or 10 times! 😉😍)

It’s a clever and amazing song. Its basically music’s best kept secret in my book because I’m just now finding out about it. Murphy Elmore is the next big thing you can quote me on that 😉; Not only is the man a very talented singer but ladies he is one handsome devil let me tell you, just look at him and try to tell me different… LOL 

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Until Next Time,

Bailey Cakes!

New Artist Alert~

Have you ever heard an artist and it changes your whole day for the better??

That happened this week. I was looking at clothes on Pinterest that I’ll never wear, when I got a message from a new independent record label, Silverado Records; asking if I would review some new music. If you know me then you know that I jumped at this!!

First off I’m pretty sure Zack Dyer is the best thing that has come out of Minneapolis like ever (If you know of anything else let me know)! Second his music is amazing! 

Zack has a sound that takes you on a mental vacation as soon as you turn it on. They sent me four songs and when I was getting ready to write this I was trying to pick one that I’d focus on and well I can’t​! He’s literally that good.

The first song that I listened to was “P.O.S”, this tells the real story about your first car, that most of have have all gone through. Usually your first car is a pile of junk and well you and your crew have to make the best of it! Zack does an awesome job of making you feel like it wasn’t that bad. Plus the music on this track is amazing and I found myself listening to this on repeat just so I could hear the guitar!

“All American” and “Heartland” are such sweet songs. I am a huge fan of party/club country, but sometimes you need a slowdown and get back to earth. “All American” is definitely a dirt road dancing kinda jam. If you had to explain the USA with a single song “Heartland” would be it!

“Wishful Drinking” is not your average brokenhearted country song. There seems to be a million breakup songs, but this one is different! I can’t seem to put my finger on it but all I know is if you’re going through a breakup get the Jack D out, hit repeat and don’t call your EX! I just listened to it again, nevermind call your EX!!

I can’t wait to hear what Zack comes out with next! He’s definitely one to watch!

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A huge shout-out to Silverado Records for connecting!!

Xoxo, Holland

❣Song Of The Week❣

It’s week two of July!! Where in world is summer going???

So this week I’m picking my favorite song by Mr. Brett Eldredge!!

The worst part about this song is that it has never been released!! Yes, leave it to me to find a song that’s never been released, sorry!!

Okay so if you’ve been to one of Brett’s shows you’ve probably heard it; especially if you went to any of his shows when he was on tour in 2014!!

Or if you were jamming out to Brett way back in 2011 you might have heard it during Couch Sessions!!

“Can’t Behave” is the most flirty song I’ve heard in a long time!! It’s also one of the cutest, (Sorry I’m a hopeless romantic)!! But honestly it’s super fun and cheeky (I love that word)!

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❣Ways To Grow Follows❣

People are always asking why I blog and spend so much time on social media and how it’s my job! Well first I absolutely love the opportunity to get to network with people from all over the country and world!! It opens a whole world of opportunity that I  would’ve never had the chance to see if hadn’t decided to blog. Second it’s fun! I’m a bit of a gypsy and I love seeing things and places I’ve never seen before.
Okay so now you’re wondering how you can get paid to post on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest?? Well it’s a lot simpler than you think!! First off get ready to work! It takes lots of effort to grow your site’s and get the traffic you want. 

I have always been on social media but this past year I jumped off and made it my main priority. I am now getting between 30,000 to 75,000 impressions on Twitter and I get at least 45 to 100 likes on Instagram!! Now this may not seem like a lot but I haven’t spent a dime on anything! I have only used free sites and I didn’t pay for any advertising!! So all of my views and follows are from my content. I am thinking about paying to make my site dot com just so I own it. 

So now you want to get your accounts noticed!! Each social media platform has some kind of unique way of getting things done.

Here’s some things I’ve learned over the past year:


  1. The more you post, like and follow will get you follows.
  2. You can’t over post! It’s true I mean why would I follow someone that doesn’t post!
  3. Make aure you have a really good pictures. Invest in a good camera and do your research.
  4. If you are using pictures from other sites make sure you get permission or at least credit them. I posted a picture of Jake Owen at CMA Fest and I tagged who o got it from, Jake and the photographer. My post people won’t mind if you share their work as long as you credit them. And if you don’t know who’s picture it is just put from wherever you got it from like Pinterest or something.
  5. Make it match. An IG account that posts anything looks desperate and crazy. Pick a theme or color scheme.


  1. Pinterest is pretty easy. Make multiple boards. I like to follow just the boards sometimes. 
  2. Post all the time and anytime.
  3. Go crazy there is literally no way to “over” post on Pinterest.
  4. Make sure to follow really good accounts it helps to find good pins.


  1. Wit is the Twitter game in my opinion! I have literally posted something way stupid and got a ton of hits on it!
  2. Don’t complain! No one care if you don’t like your mother in law. Now if she said something stupid or funny post it. 
  3. Don’t over tag people. You’ll start looking like a stocker if you’re not careful. Now writing something like “How does @jakeowen keep his teeth so white?? #AskingForAFriend”  now this is funny and people will like it and if you’re lucky Jake might reply!! I once said that Chris Soules was more my type than Ben Higgins from The Bachelor, well apparently Ben read that and said that Chris was a great guy and that he hopped I would still enjoy the he show lol. Anything is possible!! PS I still feel kinda bad!!
  4. The public loves emojis!! It’s true. The last Bachelor with Ben I used emojis to explain The Bachelor. 
  5. Hashtag !!! I honestly don’t understand why people even use Twitter if they’re not going to hashtag! What’s the point!!
  6. Use a picture and links it makes things interactive!!

So think before you post!! And if you’re interested in launching a social media marketing campaign E-mail me for more information!!

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∆Review “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To∆

I am a true believer that Billy Currington does not get enough play!!! But this song is going to change all of that!!!
I’ve been a fan of his since before he was swinging on a Chandler with Shania!!

So when I heard his new single “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” I was so excited!!
This song is on point from the lyric, to the vocal, to the band!!
Every single part if this song is amazing!!

The beginning of this song starts with a mid tempo jam about how his ex hurt him! Then the chorus hits and it hits you right in the heart and you’re like who in the world would ever dump Billy Currington!?!?!?! It says what we all want to after a bad break up!!!

I would have to say that this is one of the best vocals that I’ve heard from Billy, it makes me wonder if this song has a story behind it!!!!

I watched an interview that Billy did with One Country and apparently this song was wrote and recorded in just a few hours!!! That’s what I call genuine country music!!!
Check out the interview here!!!

So here’s my advice if you just went through a bad break up; get in the car, turn on this song as high as it’ll go and drive!!! It’ll make you feel better trust me!!!!

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ACC’s on Fox


Okay y’all it’s that time again the ACC’s
are just around the corner!!! This Awards show is super new it’s literally only the second one EVER!!!

The AMERICAN COUNTRY COUNTDOWN AWARDS is based on country music’s longest-running radio countdown show (43 years), “American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks,” and honors country music’s biggest stars, based on album sales and radio airplay.

All kinds of amazing performances will be going down like:
Kelsea Ballerini, Cam, Dan + Shay, Sam Hunt, Martina McBride, and Cole Swindell also coming to the party will be Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith’s tribute to Merle Haggard, with Haggard’s longtime band the Strangers.

Presenters at the 2nd annual show include: pop music icon Paula Abdul, country newcomer Chase Bryant, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”’s Terry Crews, “So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley, country singer/songwriter Sara Evans, Season XV “American Idol” winner Trent Harmon, current two-time finalist Jana Kramer, rising country star Chris Lane, country duo Maddie & Tae, country singer/songwriter Scotty McCreery, country superstar Jennifer Nettles, current finalist Michael Ray, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Canaan Smith, actor Luke Wilson and country music legend and actor Dwight Yoakam. These names join previously announced presenters Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey and 2014 NASH Icon Award recipient Reba McEntire.

Live on Fox at 8pm!!!

Make sure to keep up with all of the festivities: