Spotify Playlist Jamz…

Who doesn’t love new music?? Well instead of you spending all kinds of time searching for some new jamz I did it for you!!!

Enjoy and you can think me later!!

πŸ’‹, Holland


Monday Motivation~

I know it’s Monday and we all wish it wasn’t! So you can so one of two things:

  • Pretend you’re in China so now it’s magically Tuesday
  • Or drink some coffee and jam out to some JT and Stapleton!!

You can thank me later!!

πŸ’‹, Holland

Does William Michael Morgan Netflix & Chill?

Want to know what William Michael Morgan is watching right now then check out the video below!!

πŸ’‹, Holland

Typzee Tuesday Tunes~

Starting this week on Tuesdays I’ll be featuring my fav can’t stop listening to song!! And this week our #TypzeeTune goes to Mr. Jon Langston and his latest “When It Comes To Loving You”!! This song is absolutely amazing and super sweet!!

Hope y’all enjoy!!

πŸ’‹, Holland

“Break Up In The End”-Cole Swindell

Cole did it again yes he put out another single that is AMAZING!! I can’t turn the thing off!! I don’t about you but after hearing this one I can’t wait to hear what’s going to be on the next album!

πŸ’‹, Holland

Monday’s At Typzee Gypzee…

So it’s Monday and we all wish it was 4:30pm on Friday, but unfortunately it’s not. Don’t panic you’ll make it through. And to make it to 5pm here’s a video from Mr. William Michael Morgan talking about recording and new music:

πŸ’‹, Holland

New Music Video Monday…

If your Monday needs to end then take a break and watch Chris Young’s new video for “Hangin’ On”. Also be sure to get Chris’s latest album Losing Sleep“!!!!

Xoxo, Holland

The Diary of Me: Day 1…

Well hey, yes I realise that it’s been almost two months since I’ve blogged. I don’t think I could really call myself a “professional blogger”, because they don’t take time off. But after much thought I’ve made up my mind and have made the decision to just go for it. And I thought I would start off my new blogging journey with a new look and direction.

Yes I spent a few hundred hours on here making all kinds of changes. And honestly it wouldn’t have taken me so long if I knew a little something about making a blog and if very handsome country singers would stop posting so much on social media. Anyway we’re now here and it’s a go.

After lots of thinking while listening to Chase Rice, William Michael Morgan and Easton Corbin, too name a few this idea came to me. I’m going to start writing about my crazy life. You may be wondering “why am I even reading this”, well I’m going to be telling you.

Most of the things that happen in my life are almost unbelievable. Like when I was angerly sweeping and ended up in the ER with my toe bone coming out of the bottom of my foot or when I almost totalled a truck of the person that I was house sitting for only a week after I had gotten my license or maybe when I was moving furniture from the front yard intoo the house and I stepped in cat diarrhea because my neighbor feeds all of the starts in the neighborhood so I then chucked my flip flop at her house.

I could literally go on and on but what fun would that be!!! If you really want to know then you’re definitely going to have to stick around and see what’s to come!!

Xoxo, Holland

New Video Alert ‘Amen’-Chase Rice

Music videos have a way of making a song mean something that you would never have felt by just listening to it.

Sometimes they’re funny, cute, romantic, and then sometimes they are simply real life. Most of the time they are just like mini movies with actor’s and even a script. But then an artist will come out with a video that is real. It’s telling their story. And Chase Rice did just that. I don’t think this video could be anymore real.

When I first saw it I was in tears and to be totally honest that doesn’t happen often to me. I don’t think I can even put it into words just how powerful this song/video are.

It’s simple and powerful!

Xoxo, Holland

#FBF Featuring Chris Young…

It’s almost Christmas y’all and I am so excited.πŸŽ„Christmas marks the end of a year and what a year it has been. First my family is moving across the country. Yup we’re heading east, goodbye Cali! Its been a long time coming, but we’re getting ready. So if you happen to see an over loaded UHall and a minivan with way to many kids in it say hi; we’re going to need witnesses because my mom is probably going to be on the verge of leaving us in the Arizona dessert.

But one of the best parts about 2017 was Chris Young being inducted into the Opry. I was so excited to hear the news! So I thought why not look back at where it all started for him. Yes you may recall the show Nashville Star. I do and I remember voting for him. 

Lets give him a huge round of applause for not only winning Nashville Star but also now becoming the newest member of The Grand Ole Opry!!

I mean without Chris I wouldn’t have ever started this site!! So in the words of Brad Paisley “Welcome To The Zoo!”

Xoxo, Holland